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The story behind an outstanding Giant Inflatable


Once upon a time....several galaxies away....IDG broke a World Record when asked to manufacture the world's largest inflatable structure. The Power Rangers Lost Galaxy Intergalactic Encounter was designed with many different giant inflatable planets and a whole lot of interactive fun. Although that was many moons ago- we are still proud to have achieved such an inflatable accomplishment which has lead us to many other BIG endeavors! Just take look at this BIG, GIANT INFLATABLE stuff.........

Inflatable Monster

A 50' tall gargoyle perched menacingly on a mountain of stone!! This scary monster claimed his domain over the Dallas/ Fort Worth metroplex heralding the arrival of the scariest Haunted House ever!

Next, journey into the belly of a 150' Long Creature! Inflatable Design Group and Brainchild Design Lab LLC unveiled this creature at the 2003 IAAPA Tradeshow scaring up a large crowd.

Inflatable Creature
Giant Inflatable

Make your way into the GIANT, 150’ Long! Enter if you dare into his wounded head and into his body as you go thru a series or mazes and thrills around every corner. Experience a unique and interactive adventure!

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Kids will be on cloud nine when they see a 50’ H GIANT INFLATABLE SANTA CLAUS! I am sure this friendly character would make anyone smile!

Inflatable Santa Claus