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Inflatable Design Group

Inflatable Design Group is your #1 source for quality, custom and interactive inflatables. We are truly lucky to have assembled the best craftspeople in the industry, with a number of them having 20 plus years of experience working with inflatables.

First, the creative department uses 3-D software to bring your ideas to life! Next, the inflatable makes its way into the sewing department and with their keen eye for detail, your inflatable is sure to be the best looking around!

Last but not least, the inflatable moves into the art department and with their creative flair and countless years of experience your inflatable will be in good hands.

A high quality inflatable is the end result!

We pride ourselves in giving our customers exceptional customer service and we look forward to work with you on your next custom creation!

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Let us DESIGN your vision


Inflatable Design Group custom inflatables are warranted for two years from date of purchase against defects in materials and workmanship.  Interactive Games are warranted for one year from date of purchase. 

Replacement or repair, at the option of IDG, will be performed by IDG in a reasonable amount of time at no charge, except shipping costs, to the original owner.  Warranty includes labor and parts.

Inflatable Design Group must be notified immediately of anything that may be covered under warranty.  Failure to do so may void this warranty.  Once reported, it is our policy to correct any problem covered under warranty as soon as possible.

Items covered under warranty include:  failure of fabric, webbing, stitching, and graphics. This warranty does not cover color fading, bleeding, scratching of art or fabric wear associated with normal use.  Do NOT package an inflatable when wet or it will void the warranty.  This warranty is non-transferable; it extends only to the original owner.

Warranties provided by sub-assembly manufacturers, such as blower, lighting and electrical systems, ropes etc. will be passed through to our customers and are subject to the original manufacturers terms and limitations. Customer must contact these manufacturers for warranty issues. IDG does not warranty systems or sub-systems built by other manufacturers.

All other causes of damage including, but not limited to, damage due to extreme weather, abuse, mildew damage or stains, improper care, vandalism, theft, misuse or unusual use are not covered under this warranty.

Any alterations made to the electrical system, blower, inflatable, or lighting system without authorized consent, will void this warranty.

Warranty does not cover shipping costs for repair or replacement. Warranty does not include or cover loss of revenue, or any other consequential losses or damages, due to failure of inflatable or parts of inflatable.