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Artwork Specifications


Vector formats are images in geometric separate shapes such as curves or polygons, as the size increases the program recalculates each piece keeping the proportion and the resolution intact for a crisp image.


A raster graphics image, or bitmap, is a data file represented generally by rectangular grid of pixels. If you increase the size of the image the program just increase the size of the pixels in the image, making it blurred or distorted.  Raster graphics cannot be scaled to a higher resolution without losing quality. Raster files are .bpm, .jpg, .tiff, ,psd, and ,pict.


Pixels per inch, also called “dpi” (dots per inch). It is the amount of pixels per square inch

Some Important Reminders

For cylindrical or cone shapes, please send always the flat extended label as this:

Artwork Specs 1
  • All files must be saved in Corel Draw X7 or earlier, Adobe Illustrator CS6 or earlier or .EPS Vector format.
  • For Mac users, an alternative is to include both screen and printer fonts.
  • All art and fonts must be vectorized and converted to outlines or curves.
  • Create a file that is 75-100 dpi at actual size, so a 08 FT image could be sent as 08” at 750 to 1000 dpi.
  • All colors should be labeled with the Pantone Matching System (PMS).
  • Include (embed) all EPS and Tiff files used in creating your document.
  • If files have half tones or gradients, please label it with PMS colors or save resolution to 75-100 dpi.
  • If possible, send proofs of color separations for multiple color jobs.
  • Avoid .tif, .bmp, .gif and .jpg files. Extra art time will be required to edit these files (These files can be sent but may require additional art setup and charges).
  • Convert all fonts to paths or curves. (Text converted to paths can no longer be edited as text.) Without this done we may not have the correct font and your work may not be correct.
  • Include a color printout or .jpg (low resolution) of the submitted files.

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