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Bring Your Cartoon to Life with Bespoke Inflatable Cartoon Characters!

It doesn’t matter what age everyone loves cartoons!  For many people, certain cartoon characters even bring back a sense of nostalgia.  Bring your cartoon to life with bespoke inflatable cartoon characters manufactured by Inflatable Design Group! 

From DreamWorks to Netflix and Adult Swim, Inflatable Design Group has worked with many entertainment companies to bring their favorite cartoon characters to life in the form of giant inflatable cartoon character replicas!  Our team has a keen eye for details and can make your inflatable replica virtually any size you want!  Use your bespoke inflatable cartoon characters at events such as movie premieres or at marketing activations to increase brand exposure! 

Show Off Your Bespoke Inflatable Cartoon Characters at Your Next Event!

Bringing your cartoon character to life and using your bespoke inflatable cartoon character replica at an event is a great way to get eyes on your newest show or movie!  We have worked with many companies to replica various cartoon characters into highly-detailed inflatables that have been used at different events for promotional and marketing purposes.  These have included a giant Kung-Fu Panda inflatable replica for the Kung-Fu Panda 3 movie premiere and various inflatable cartoon characters at San Diego’s annual Comic-Con event.

Kung-Fu Panda Inflatable Cartoon Character Replica at Movie Premiere
Kung-Fu Panda Inflatable Cartoon Character Replica at Movie Premiere

Check out all the bespoke inflatables we have designed for Comic-Con over the years on our website!

Creative Activations with Inflatable Cartoon Character Replicas

Another great way to use your bespoke cartoon characters and gain excitement for your upcoming tv series, movie, and more is by using your inflatable cartoon character replicas as part of a creative activation.

From a giant floating inflatable Adult Swim cartoon character activation that was pulled through the New York Harbor to a pop-up inflatable Disney+ activation that traveled around the United States, IDG has worked with various brands to bring different unique activations to life!

Bespoke Inflatable Cartoon Characters for Various Activations
Bespoke Inflatable Cartoon Characters for Activations: Disney+ (top) and Tuca and Bertie (bottom)

All of these activations have proven to be successful in helping networks, corporations, and brands reach their goals for the activations with multiple people posting pictures of the activations on social media sites. 

You can see more examples of Inflatable Design Group’s work in replicating cartoon characters on our website.

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Bespoke inflatable cartoon characters can be used at various events in various ways to get eyes on your newest cartoon movie or bring attention to some of your favorite childhood cartoon characters.  Inflatable Design Group’s talented team will work with you to perfectly replicate any cartoon character and turn it into a highly-detailed inflatable cartoon character replica!

Email our team at for a free quote!  We look forward to working with you!