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Bespoke Race Inflatable for Rugged Maniac

Inflatable Design Group worked with the team behind the Rugged Maniac mud run to create a ginormous bespoke race inflatable obstacle for their course this year. Rugged Maniac is an annual mud run obstacle course that takes place in multiple cities throughout the United States.  The whole course is 3.1 miles long, equivalent to a 5K, and has around 30 obstacles that are all covered in mud.  This year Rugged Maniac took place in 25 cities around the country including Portland and Los Angeles.  On average there are about 150,000 participants across the country.  Find out more about this annual event on their website.

Mount Maniac Bespoke Race Inflatable

On one side is The Warped Wall, on the other is the Accelerator, and in the middle is the Mount Maniac cargo clib between towers of shipping countainers! You’re not afraid of heights, are you?”

Rugged Maniac Website

Inflatable Design Group worked with the team behind Rugged Maniac to create a giant bespoke inflatable obstacle slide.  When inflated, this giant custom inflatable slide measured at approximately 40’H by 32’W by 84’L and included an inflatable pool for participants to slide into.

Bespoke Inflatable Slide Obstacle Dubbed 'Mount Maniac' for Rugged Maniac Race
Bespoke Inflatable Slide Obstacle Dubbed ‘Mount Maniac’ for Rugged Maniac Race

The inflatable Mount Maniac slide was specially designed to sit on top of shipping containers.  First participants must conquer ‘The Warped Wall’.  This obstacle is an 11-foot-tall wall.  Participants must get a running start, jump up the wall, and pull themselves to the top platform.  After pulling themselves to the top they must climb up the inflatable obstacle before sliding their way down the “Accelerator 3.0”, the slide portion of Mount Maniac, and into the water pool below.

Race Participants Going Down Bespoke Inflatable Rugged Maniac Slide
Race Participants Going Down Bespoke Inflatable Rugged Maniac Slide

Take a look at the course map and more of the obstacles participants must conquer in Rugged Maniac on their website.

The Customization Process

Inflatable Design Group is known for its custom inflatables and ability to make any creative vision come to life in the form of custom inflatables.  We have worked with many companies to create bespoke race inflatables and more. 

Custom Inflatable Block Arch for Mud Run
Custom Inflatable Block Arch for Mud Run

Our team of sales representatives has been working in the custom inflatable manufacturing industry for decades and are extremely knowledgeable.  They will walk you through the entire customization and ordering process to ensure that your final inflatable product not only meets your expectations but exceeds them.

To get started on your bespoke race inflatable or other custom race inflatable email us at or give us a call at 619-596-6100.  One of our experienced sales representatives will get back to you as soon as possible.

Once you are connected with a sales representative, they will work with you and our designers to create a concept drawing of your bespoke inflatable.  This concept will be sent to you for approval and any needed revisions will be made.

After you and your team approve your concept drawing you will receive a digital contract from us.  Look it over, sign it, and send it back over to get the custom inflatable manufacturing process started!  Our creative team will then get to work cutting, sewing, and painting your bespoke inflatable creation!

Ready to get started?  Email us today at for a free quote!