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giant custom inflatables

Giant Custom Inflatables for Events!

Giant custom inflatables are a great way to inflate your events this summer.  From outdoor music festivals to local city fairs, Inflatable Design Group can work with you to create amazing, eye-catching giant custom inflatables that will take your summer event to the next level!

Inflatable Stage Sets and Inflatable Stage Props

Take your outdoor music festival to the next level with a fully customizable inflatable stage set or inflatable stage props! 

Inflatable Design Group’s amazing team of artists and craftspeople will work with you to bring your stage vision to life in the form of giant custom inflatables.  From the main focus of a festival stage set to individual artist stage props, IDG can do it all. 

Custom inflatable stage props
Don Toliver Inflatable Stage Prop at Rolling Loud (top) and Forbidden Kingdom Music Festival Inflatable Dragon Stage Set (bottom)

Giant custom inflatables inflate and deflate fast.  Making them perfect for traveling festivals or artists who have limited set times at a large music festival.  Although giant in size when inflated, custom inflatables pack up into small packages that are relatively light.  This makes them easy to take on the road with you when you are traveling around to different concert venues or summer festivals. 

Check out more examples of our custom inflatable stage sets on our website.

Giant Custom Inflatables for Summer Event Decor

Another great use of giant custom inflatables at summer events is by using them for decoration around your event.

Inflatable Design Group’s talented team can bring virtually any design or vision to life in the form of giant custom inflatables.  These inflatables can then be used around your summer event as decorations.  Adding to the atmosphere and even serving as a fun and unique photo opportunity. 

For example, IDG worked with artists to create four giant inflatable sculptures that have been used at Rolling Loud, a rap music festival that travels around the United States.  These inflatable sculptures have been used in different ways at the annual festival over the years.

rolling loud custom inflatable sculptures
Rolling Loud Custom Inflatable Sculptures

IDG has also made custom inflatables for other music events including Emo Nite and Brothers Osborne’s ‘We’re Not For Everyone Tour’.  As mentioned before, these inflatables pack up small and are easy to transport for traveling events and concert tours.

Emo Nite 10' Custom Inflatable Grave Photo Opportunity and Brothers Osbourne Inflatable Skulls
Emo Nite 10′ Custom Inflatable Grave Photo Opportunity and Brothers Osbourne Inflatable Skulls

Welcome Eventgoers with a Custom Inflatable Entryway

A fully custom-designed inflatable entryway is a great way to invite your guests to your event.  It can also serve as a photo opportunity for eventgoers that will lead to social media buzz about your event!

Inflatable Design Group has created giant custom inflatable entryways of all shapes and sizes that have been used at different events.  These events include festivals, sporting events, 5ks, tradeshows, and more!

Giant custom inflatable entryways for events
Adult Swim Custom Inflatable Entryway (left), Inflatable Bear Entryway for 5k (top right), and Atlanta Zoo 5k Inflatable Arch (bottom right)

From a simple inflatable arch to a giant custom inflatable entryway shaped like a man for Adult Swim Fest, Inflatable Design Group has done it all.  Check out our past work with custom inflatable entryways on our website and email us your ideas to get a free quote.

Order Your Giant Inflatables Today!

Inflatable Design Group’s giant custom inflatables are sewn in-house by our talented seamstresses that have a keen sense of detail.  That being said, our seamstresses need 6-10 weeks to perfect your custom inflatable creation.  Email us today at to get started on your giant custom inflatables and receive them in time for your next event!