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recent bespoke event inflatables

Bespoke Event Inflatables

Bespoke event inflatables are a great way to elevate your event experience while providing photo opportunities to attendees and showing off your brand.  You can also use your bespoke event inflatables to engage with eventgoers, such as event décor, education exhibits, and more!

Inflatable Design Group has been busy this year creating bespoke event inflatables that have been used in different ways.  All our inflatables are bespoke and made-to-order.  Our amazing team will walk you through the entire ordering and customizing process to ensure the finished product is a bespoke inflatable that meets and exceeds your expectations.

Below are some bespoke event inflatables our team has worked on recently.

Inflatable Logo Blocks

Inflatable logo blocks are one of IDG’s most popular categories of bespoke event inflatables. 

Inflatable logo blocks are great because they show off your brand and provide eventgoers with a fun and unique photo opportunity.  IDG can make your inflatable logo block any size and shape we want.  We can also put any design onto your logo block and match any brand or company colors.

Hyde Park Bespoke Event inflatable Logo Block
You Aren’t Invited Inflatable Logo Block

Recently, we worked with the brand Hyde Park Goods to create an inflatable logo block.  This bespoke inflatable logo block measured at about 10’ tall and 9’ wide.  It was used at an intimate brand event in April and served as a great background for event photos which were posted all over social media. 

Check out more inflatable logo blocks on our website.

Inflatable Stage Decor

Bespoke inflatables are perfect for stage décor.  They inflate within seconds, they are easy to pack up, and they are relatively light making them perfect for traveling concert tours or festivals.

Whether you are going on a concert tour and performing in multiple cities across the globe or performing at a music festival, inflatables make the perfect stage props and stage sets.  Inflatable Design Group can make virtually any concept come to life.

Sorry Papi is a traveling DJ party.  The brand hosts multiple music events around the country at different venues.  IDG worked with Sorry Papi to create two custom inflatables for their stage décor.  These inflatables inflate within minutes and pack up small, making them easy to transport and bring with them as they travel around the country.

bespoke inflatable stage props for Sorry Papi music party
Inflatable Sorry Papi and Middle Finger Stage Props

The inflatables also doubled as a fun photo opportunity after the music events. 

To view more inflatable stage sets and props check out our website.

Interactive Bespoke Event Inflatables

Build a lasting impression with eventgoers and engage with them through interactive bespoke event inflatables.

Inflatable Design Group has a large collection of interactive inflatable games that can be customized to show off your brand at your next event.  We also have other interactive inflatables that are customizable such as inflatable money booths, inflatable misting stations, and giant inflatable couches!

Giant Bespoke Cirque Du Soleil Inflatable COuch
Giant Inflatable Cirque Du Soleil Couch

Giant inflatable couches are a great way to build a lasting impression on eventgoers.  They make the perfect event photo opportunity and are very memorable.  You can even add removable banners to your inflatable couch to show off your event partners or sponsors.

Check out more interactive inflatables on our website.

Educational Bespoke Event Inflatables

Bespoke event inflatables can also be used to educate people about things such as endangered animals, colon cancer, and more.

Recently, IDG worked with the Canadian-based non-profit CCRAN to create a giant inflatable colon tunnel.  This tunnel was designed to resemble a colon and allows eventgoers to enter inside the colon and learn about the different signs and stages of colon cancer.

Inflatable Jumbo Colon for CCRAN Educational Events
Inflatable Jumbo Colon for CCRAN Educational Events

Over the past few months, CCRAN has traveled to different educational events and brought along their inflatable colon to educate people about the risks of colon cancer.  This giant inflatable interactive display is a fun and memorable way to spread awareness and prepare people for the warning signs of cancer.

Check out more of IDG’s educational inflatables on our website.

Order Today

Inflatable Design Group has designed and manufactured thousands of bespoke event inflatables that have been used at different events in different ways.  Our talented team can make virtually any design come to life in the form of a giant, high-quality inflatable.  Email us today at or give us a call at 619-596-6100 to get started on your bespoke inflatables today.

Please note that production time is currently over 8 weeks.