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airbrushed inflatables

Airbrushed Inflatables

Inflatable Design Group is lucky to have assembled the best team in the custom inflatable manufacturing industry.  From our seamstresses to our artists, our whole staff is extremely talented and has multiple years of experience designing and working with inflatables.  Our team is also one of the few inflatable manufacturing companies that still create airbrushed inflatables.

What are Airbrushed Inflatables?

Airbrushing is the art of using a small, compressed air tool to atomize paint, or other media, and spray it onto a surface.  At IDG we have an in-house artist who specializes in this type of artistic technique.  Our artist has years of experience of designing and creating airbrushed inflatables.  Airbrushing is used on some of our custom inflatable creations to create intricate detail and can also be used to add color gradients and textures.  Our artist will often use airbrushing to help add a realistic look to things such as hair and clothing.   

Ozzy Osbourne and Spiral: Book of Saw Movie airbrushed inflatables
Ozzy Airbrushed Inflatable Replica (Left) and Character from Spiral: Book of Saw Movie (right)

Before and After Airbrushing

The before and after pictures of airbrushed inflatables are truly unbelievable.  It is always amazing to see how our airbrush artist can transform a custom inflatable creation via airbrushing.

inflatable monster before and after airbrushed inflatables
Custom Inflatable Monster Before (left) and After (right) Airbrushing

Airbrushing inflatables help give the design of our inflatables a more organic feel.  Our artist typically uses airbrushing on custom inflatable animals, characters, and completely custom shapes.  The art of airbrushing is a great way to give realistic characteristics to larger-than-life custom inflatables and is a great way to add intricate details, textures, and other unique effects.

custom airbrushed inflatable dragon used as stage prop at Forbidden Kingdom music festival
Forbidden Kingdom Custom Inflatable Dragon Before Airbrushing (left) and After Airbrushing (right)

Digital Printing

In addition to airbrushing, at Inflatable Design Group we also use digital printing to add details and art to our custom inflatable creations.  Digital printing is the method of printing a digital-based image directly onto a type of media often in large format.  In this case, our special printer prints our media directly onto different types of vinyl materials.  Those vinyl materials are then used to create and manufacture your custom inflatable creations!

Digital printing is a great way to add high-quality, highly detailed elaborate patterns, logos, pictures, textures, and more to custom inflatables.  It is typically used on advertising inflatables and some of our inflatable entryways.  It is also a great way to add realistic-looking fur to one of IDG’s mascot inflatable entryways.

custom digitally printed inflatables
Digitally Printed Custom Inflatables: Grilled Cheese (left) and Bear Entryway (right)

When compared with airbrushing, digital printing is better for large sections of highly-detailed patterns or textures.  The design or picture is directly printed onto vinyl fabric which is then used by our seamstresses to sew your inflatable creation.  With airbrushing, it is often added after the inflatable is manufactured. 

Order Your Airbrushed Inflatables Today

As mentioned before, airbrushing allows our artist to add intricate and realistic details and textures to your custom inflatable creations.  When compared to digital printing, airbrushed inflatables have a more organic feel.  Airbrushed inflatables also weigh less than digitally printed inflatables as the digitally printed fabric is heavier.

Inflatable Design Group’s team of talented artists, engineers, and seamstresses can bring virtually any inflatable concept to life.  Email our team at to learn more about custom inflatables, airbrushing, and how we can help inflate your next project.