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custom inflatables to promote your next movie or tv show

Creative Uses of Custom Character Inflatables to Promote Your Next Movie or TV Show Premiere

It seems like there are hundreds of new tv shows and movies premiering every month.  Make sure your next movie or tv show stands out from the rest by promoting it in unique ways with custom character inflatables designed and manufactured by Inflatable Design Group!

From custom character inflatables floating down the New York Harbor on a giant barge to inflatable characters popping up randomly in the middle of the night in cities all across the country, our clients have used their custom inflatables in unique ways that have demanded attention and made their movie or tv show premieres a success.   Below are just a few examples of how custom inflatables can help promote your next movie or tv show!

Kung Fu Panda Takes the Red Carpet

Kung Fu Panda is already known and identifiable by many households around the country.  Why not promote the premiere of the 3rd film in the series with a giant custom character inflatable replica of Kung Fu Panda himself?

Custom Inflatable Kung Fu Panda Replica

This giant inflatable Kung Fu Panda replica not only grabbed the attention of everyone walking past the TCL Chinese Theatre on premiere day but it also served as the perfect backdrop for all the premiere day red carpet photos which were posted in news articles and across social media platforms.

Custom Character Inflatables Float Through NY & LA

A few years ago, Adult Swim picked up Netflix’s failed adult cartoon Tuca & Bertie.  To ensure that everyone everywhere knew about the premiere of the reboot Adult Swim sent the title characters, Tuca and Bertie, floating on a giant barge through the New York harbor and up and down the coast of Los Angeles during the weekend before the show’s premiere.

Inflatable Tuca & Bertie Characters Floating Through NY Harbor
Inflatable Tuca & Bertie Characters Floating Through NY Harbor

These giant custom character inflatables were giant and unexpected, generating quite a buzz about the tv show’s premiere.  You can read our whole case study and see more pictures of these custom inflatables on our website. 

Providing something unexpected and unique is a great way to ensure that you get people talking about your upcoming movie or tv show premiere.

Smiling Friends Pop Up Around the Country

Adult Swim is no stranger to unique promotions.  In 2022 they promoted the premiere of their new adult cartoon, Smiling Friends, with custom inflatables that popped up overnight in different cities around the country.  These cities included Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Atlanta, and more. 

Smiling Friends Custom Inflatable for Adult Swim in Vegas
Smiling Friends Custom Inflatable for Adult Swim in Vegas

As people walked past the custom inflatable replicas it would trigger a motion sensor that would turn on a light and play audio from the show.  When the light was on you could see shadows of the characters from the show inside the custom inflatables. These custom inflatables popped up at cities around the country overnight, generating excitement for the show and many people took to posting on social media to see if there was an inflatable near them.   

Promote a Clothing Drop and Movie with Custom Character Inflatables

In 2021 the movie Spiral came out.  This movie was the 9th installment of the popular Saw horror film series and was highly anticipated.  To further generate excitement about the movie premiere Diamond Supply Co, a popular apparel company, dropped a clothing line that was inspired by Spiral.  To announce the clothing line and collaboration with Saw a giant inflatable character replica from Spiral was displayed on top of the flagship Diamond Supply Co location in downtown Los Angeles.

25 Foot Tall Inflatable Pig Character
25 Foot Tall Inflatable Pig Character

The custom character inflatable stood at 25 feet tall and could be seen from far away, attracting curious onlookers to the clothing store.  The inflatable also generated social media buzz and was even posted on Twitter by one of the show’s producers.

Read more about this custom character inflatable on our website.

Inflate Your Promotions with Custom Inflatables

Custom character inflatables are a great way to promote the premiere of the next movie or tv show.  Custom inflatables can also be used to promote other things such as new products, grand openings, and more!  Email us at to learn more about how our team can help you inflate your promotions in 2024!