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inflatable for rob zombie

Rob Zombie’s Custom Inflatable Robot: From Concept to Touring Around the Country

From a hand-drawn concept sent to Inflatable Design Group to touring around the country with Rob Zombie on his latest concert tour, learn about how IDG’s custom inflatable robot made for Rob Zombie went from concept to creation.

Rob Zombie is an American singer and songwriter who, according to IMDb, is known for his heavy metal style of music that is influenced by his love of classic horror.  Inflatable Design Group had the pleasure of working with Rob Zombie and his team to create a custom inflatable robot that shared the stage with him during his 2023 tour titled Freaks on Parade.  

It All Starts with a Concept

 All custom inflatables manufactured by Inflatable Design Group are bespoke and made to order according to our client’s needs.  This means that no two inflatables we make are the same.  They all start with a concept and our team works with our clients to turn them into amazing, high-quality custom inflatables.

Rob Zombie and his team came to Inflatable Design Group with a vision.  They showed our team concept drawings of how they wanted the stage set to look during Rob Zombie’s tour and created a 3D clay model of how they wanted the custom inflatable robot to look.

clay model of rob zombie's custom inflatable
3D Clay Model of Rob Zombie’s Custom Inflatable

Inflatable Design Group then took the concept drawings and 3D clay model provided by Rob Zombie’s team and created a 3D computer rendering.  This rendering was sent over to our client for approval.  IDG’s team and Rob Zombie’s team collaborated back and forth about the 3D rendering and addressed any changes that needed to happen.  Once the rendering was approved, the custom inflatable concept was sent off to the sewing department!

Cutting and Sewing

Once the rendering of the custom inflatable robot was approved, it was off to our pattern-cutting machine!  This machine is a computer-controlled cutting machine that cuts the fabric used in all of IDG’s custom inflatables to the exact measurements and dimensions needed for our sewers to bring any custom inflatable vision to life.  It also lightly marks each piece, so our sewing team knows which parts go where kind of like putting a puzzle together!

Once the fabric for Rob Zombie’s custom inflatable stage prop was cut, it was sent off to our sewing team!  Our sewers have been in the custom inflatable industry for many years and have tons of experience.  Their unparalleled skills and incredible attention to detail make them the best sewing team in the industry! 

All custom inflatables manufactured by Inflatable Design Group are made with the highest quality materials and threads in the custom inflatable manufacturing industry.  They are extremely durable and can withstand wear and tear, even while traveling around on a concert tour!

Then Your Custom Inflatable is Off to the Art Department!

Once sewn, all of IDG’s custom inflatables get sent off to our art department!

The art department is where all custom inflatables truly come to life.  Our art team is incredibly talented and uses different types of art media, such as airbrushing, to add detail to our client’s custom inflatable creations.  In the case of Rob Zombie’s custom inflatable robot, our art department took the silver inflatable and airbrushed in detail, bringing the robot to life.  At this stage, lights were also added to the eyes! 

Rob Zombie inflatable stage set for his tour before and after art
Custom Inflatable Before and After Art

Once finished in the art department, IDG’s team ran test inflations and cleaned the custom inflatable robot, making sure it was in perfect condition and ready to exceed all expectations before shipping out.

finished inflatable stage prop
Rob Zombie’s Custom Inflatable Robot Ready for Tour!

Custom Inflatable In-Action

After multiple test inflations and cleaning, the inflatable was ready for tour and shipped to our client!

Rob Zombie’s Freaks on Parade tour was co-headlined by Alice Cooper and took the two musical acts to over 20 cities around the country during the summer of 2023.  Rob Zombie’s concerts are known for having over-the-top, often horror-themed, theatrics and this tour was no different. 

About halfway through his set, Rob Zombie was joined on stage by a giant custom inflatable robot! 

Rob Zombie on Tour with Custom Inflatable Robot - Photo by Robert Cavuoto from
Rob Zombie on Tour with Custom Inflatable Robot – Photo by Robert Cavuoto from

Custom inflatables are perfect for concert stage sets.  Compared to other materials traditionally used in stage design, custom inflatables are relatively light.  They also pack up into relatively small packages.  This means that custom inflatables are easier and cheaper to transport to wherever your tour may take you, even if you end up going international! 

Ready to start the process of turning your custom inflatable vision into reality?  Email our team at for a free quote.  One of our experienced sales representatives will get back to you ASAP.