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creative inflatable event entrances

Elevating Events with Creative Inflatable Event Entrances

First impressions are important and an event entrance is the first impression you will have on event attendees.  Provide a memorable event welcome with creative inflatable event entrances designed and manufactured by Inflatable Design Group.

Inflatable Design Group has worked with clients all over the world to create different creative inflatable event entrances that will immerse them in your event and reinforce the event’s purpose.

Work with our team to design a custom inflatable entrance for your next event!  Our team can bring to life virtually any inflatable concept.  Below are some ideas on inflatable entrances we have made in the past.

Inflatable Tire Arches for Monster Jam

Monster Jam is an event competition that features multiple monster trucks doing tricks and spins.  The event takes place in multiple cities around the country every year. 

The Monster Jam event has many different components including the pre-event pit party, which is essentially a tailgate event that allows attendees to meet the drivers and see the trucks.  It is very popular and fun for Monster Jam fans of all ages.

Inflatable Design Group has created multiple inflatable tire arches of different sizes that serve as an entryway to Monster Jam’s Pit Party event.  These creative inflatable event entrances not only show off the Monster Jam brand but also demand attention and can be spotted from far away.  This is a great way to ensure that attendees can see the entrance and know exactly where to head to meet some of their favorite monster truck drivers.

Monster Jam Inflatable Tire Arch for Pit Party
Monster Jam Inflatable Tire Arch for Pit Party

To learn more about the custom inflatable tire arches and other custom inflatables we have created for Monster Jam check out our website.

Inflatable Mascot Entryway for North Carolina Black Bear Festival

The Black Bear Festival is an annual event that takes plice in Plymouth, North Carolina every June.  The goal of this event is to celebrate and educate the public about black bears in a fun and interactive way.  The annual event is only one day and is filled with fun, informational bear-themed activities such as a Bear Train Ride and even a foot race called “Can You Out Run a Black Bear?”. 

To get attendees into the black bear mood and ready to be immersed into everything black bear, Inflatable Design Group created a giant inflatable black bear mascot entryway!  This creative inflatable event entrance provides fans with a warm welcome and is also used during their race event. 

Inflatable Bear Mascot Tunnel for NC Black Bear Festival
Inflatable Bear Mascot Tunnel for NC Black Bear Festival

To learn more about this event and see pictures of the inflatable mascot entryway in action check out the Black Bear Festival website.

Product Replica Creative Inflatable Event Entrances

Inflatable event entrances are a great way to get eyes on your brand and can help increase brand awareness!  Attendees may even stop to take a photo in front of your inflatable event entryway!

Work with Inflatable Design Group to customize a creative inflatable event entryway that shows off your flagship product!  This is a great way to not only reinforce your brand but to also bring attention to your top product and can help increase sales!

From an inflatable entryway shaped like a ketchup bottle to a giant inflatable tunnel that looks like a roll of tape for the company Aqua-Traxx, our team has made inflatable entryways that are shaped like all sorts of products!

Inflatable Tunnel for Aqua-Traxx Festival Booth
Inflatable Tunnel for Aqua-Traxx Festival Booth

Ask your Inflatable Design Group sales representative about how our team can turn your product into an eye-catching creative inflatable event entryway that will get your brand, and product, remembered!

Inflatable 3D Arch for 5k

Have a smaller budget but still want to make an impact with your inflatable event entryway?  What about an inflatable arch with 3D elements?

Inflatable 3D arches are a little smaller than the previously mentioned creative inflatable event entryways, but they still demand attention and make a huge impact on your event!  Check out more examples of inflatable 3D arches on our website to get an idea on what you want your inflatable event entryway to look like!   

Buffalo Wing Festival Custom Inflatable 3D Archway
Buffalo Wing Festival Custom Inflatable 3D Archway

Inflatable 3D arches are perfect for community and non-profit events such as 5ks, annual festivals, and more!  They stand out in photos and provide a photo-perfect finish!

Start Designing Your Creative Inflatable Event Entrances Today

Dress up your next event and enhance your guest experience with a custom inflatable event entryway designed and manufactured by Inflatable Design Group!  Email us at for a free quote.       

Check out other ways you can use inflatables to dress up your event in our blog!