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custom brewery inflatables

Celebrate Oktoberfest with Custom Brewery Inflatables!

Oktoberfest may have come and gone, but it is never too early to start preparing for next year’s fall beer festivities!  Work with Inflatable Design Group to design your own custom brewery inflatables and dress up your Oktoberfest next year!

Custom brewery inflatables can also be used year-round to get eyes on your business and increase brand awareness!  Use them at your brewery to attract passersby or use them at beer festivals to stand out! 

Inflatable Cans Show Off Your Flagship Brew

One of the best ways to dress up your event and show off your brand is with custom inflatable cans!  From the international beverage company Anheuser Busch to small family-owned breweries like Two Roads Brewing in Connecticut, Inflatable Design Group has worked with breweries of all sizes to bring their products to life in the form of custom inflatable replicas!

Inflatable Beer Can Replica at Event

These inflatable replicas have been displayed at the breweries, at industry conferences, and even at brewery-organized Oktoberfest events!  Inflatable cans are a great way to show off your brewery’s flagstaff or newest brew!

Inflatable Cans at Four Peaks Brewing Oktoberfest
Inflatable Cans at Four Peaks Brewing Oktoberfest

Inflatable cans inflate within seconds and pack up into small packages.  This makes them perfect for taking them on the road with you to whatever event your brewery may attend or host!  Our team can work with you to make your inflatable can whatever dimensions you want!  We can also create inflatable replicas of bottles, cans, and mugs.  Check out our website for more examples of our work

Custom Brewery Inflatable Logo Blocks & Mascots

Another popular category of custom brewery inflatables Inflatable Design Group has created are inflatable logo blocks and mascots.  We can take any logo or mascot and bring it to life in the form of a high-quality, highly detailed inflatable replica!

3D Inflatable Logo for Stone Brewing
3D Inflatable Logo for Stone Brewing

Use your inflatable brewery logo or mascot at your location to attract people in for a nice cold pint or use it to make your brewery stand out from the competition at beer festivals and other events!  Check out our website for more examples of inflatable logos and inflatable mascots

Just like inflatable cans, mugs, and bottles, our inflatable logos and mascots can be made to any dimension you want!  They also are extremely easy to set up, take down, and pack up small for easy storage. 

Other Custom Brewery Inflatables

Inflatable Design Group specializes in custom inflatables.  This means that we can make virtually any inflatable concept come to life! 

We have made many other custom inflatables for breweries and events like Oktoberfest.  For example, recently we worked with Four Peaks to create a custom inflatable archway that was used at their annual Oktoberfest event.

This inflatable archway was dubbed the ‘kilt man’ because it was customized to look like a giant man wearing a kilt!  Eventgoers entered Four Peak’s Oktoberfest event through the giant inflatable arch and if they looked up while entering they were treated to a little surprise (the words ‘Peekaboo’ were written in the under part of the arch).

Inflatable Kilt Man Archway for Four Peaks Oktoberfest Event
Inflatable Kilt Man Archway for Four Peaks Oktoberfest Event

The Kilt Man inflatable archway stood at 24 feet tall and was the perfect way to invite eventgoers into Four Peak’s Oktoberfest event!  Especially because one of the brewery’s flagship beers is called the Kilt Lifter!

Order Your Inflatables Today

Inflatable Design Group uses the highest quality materials available in the custom inflatable manufacturing industry for all of our custom inflatable creations!  Our lead time can range from 8-10 weeks long. 

Email us today at to get a free quote and start working on your custom brewery inflatables and prepare for next year’s Oktoberfest events!