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bespoke marketing inflatables

What’s In a Name: How to Utilize Bespoke Marketing Inflatables to Get Eyes on Your Business

Bespoke marketing inflatables are a great way to get eyes on your business!  Inflatable Design Group is lucky to have assembled the best sales representatives, artists, sewers, and more in the bespoke inflatable manufacturing industry.  All our staff are extremely knowledgeable and will help you find and design the perfect bespoke marketing inflatable to show off your business or brand!

Inflatable Design Group has many different categories and styles of bespoke marketing inflatables that can be customized to your brand or business colors and decorated with your logo, partnership logos, and other designs.  We use the PMS (Pantone Matching System) to accurately match your bespoke inflatable to your brand or business colors.  Since all our inflatables are fully customizable, any of them can be used in creative ways to get eyes on your business or brand.  We have a few suggestions for bespoke marketing inflatables below but our team can also work with you to create a completely custom inflatable concept if you have a unique idea!

Bespoke Marketing Inflatable Logos

One of IDG’s most straightforward bespoke marketing inflatables are our inflatable logo blocks.  We can bring any logo to life in many different forms including a 2D cookie-cutter shape or a 3D detailed logo!

Stone Brewing custom inflatable 3d logo block and a 2d inflatable logo block
2D and 3D Inflatable Logo Blocks for Business Marketing

Inflatable logo blocks pack up small and are extremely easy to set up and transport making them perfect for showing off your business or brand at your brick-and-mortar as well as at any events your company may attend such as local fairs, tradeshows, and more! 

Another option for your bespoke inflatable logo block is giant 3D letters!  IDG has worked with many different brands and businesses to create inflatable 3D letters in all different styles and fonts that have been used for different things such as promoting at a sporting event, photo opportunity at a music festival, as a stage set, and more!

UB40 Inflatable 3D Letters for Stage Set
UB40 Inflatable 3D Letters for Stage Set

Check out more examples of our inflatable logos and inflatable 3D letters on our website

Larger-Than-Life Inflatable Mascot Replica

Another great and exciting way to get eyes on your brand or business is with a larger-than-life inflatable mascot replica!  From 8 feet to 30 feet tall, IDG can bring virtually any inflatable to life in the form of a highly detailed bespoke marketing inflatable.  Our team has even made an anthropometric S’more for a sports team!

Rocky Mountain Vibes Inflatable Mascot Replica
Rocky Mountain Vibes Inflatable Mascot Replica

Inflatable mascots are great for placing outside your business, outside your food truck, using at tradeshows, and more!  You can even display your inflatable mascot replica on the roof of your building to draw in crowds from afar!  IDG can also add removable banners to your inflatable mascot replica which is a great way to change out signage for different events. 

Ollie's Bargain Outlet Inflatable Mascot Outside Grand Opening

Check out more examples of our past work in bringing to life business and brand mascots on our website and contact us to get started on your own inflatable!

Interactive Bespoke Marketing Inflatables

Want to connect with your target audience and build a lasting impression on them?  How about customizing an interactive marketing inflatable?  From inflatable games to custom-shaped inflatable bounce houses to giant inflatable couches, IDG has an extensive library of interactive bespoke marketing inflatables.  All can be designed to show off your logo in different spots and matched to your brand colors using PMS (Pantone Matching System).

Bespoke Marketing Inflatables: Flattop Soccer Kick for Sierra Mist & Giant Inflatable Couch for Cirque de Soleil
Bespoke Marketing Inflatables: Flattop Soccer Kick for Sierra Mist & Giant Inflatable Couch for Cirque de Soleil

Your company can use your branded interactive marketing inflatables in many ways to show off your business!  Use your interactive inflatables at your business to entertain the younger crowd, incorporate your interactive inflatables into your next business promotion, use your inflatables as a fun photo opportunity, or come up with a completely custom idea! 

Other Bespoke Marketing Inflatables

As mentioned before, Inflatable Design Group has an extensive library of bespoke inflatables all of which can be customized to show off your brand or business!  Use your marketing inflatables to get eyes on your brand and increase business!

Ready to get started?  Email us at for a free quote!  One of our experienced sales representatives will get back to you as soon as possible.