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comic con inflatables for 2023

IDG’s 2023 San Diego Comic-Con Inflatables

Comic-Con International 2023 took over San Diego from Thursday, July 20th to Sunday, July 23rd.  The convention takes place annually inside the San Diego convention center and overflows into the surrounding area, taking over downtown San Diego for the entire weekend.

Just like in past years, Adult Swim had a large presence at San Diego Comic-Con, throwing an Adult Swim Festival.  They took over a portion of Bay Front Park which is located behind the convention center on San Diego Bay.  The Adult Swim event was free to all and involved many different experiences including meet and greets, entertainment, giveaways, and more.  Learn more about the Comic-Con Adult Swim Festival on the San Diego Comic-Con Blog website.

Inflatable Design Group had the pleasure of working with Adult Swim in creating multiple bespoke inflatables used in their Comic-Con experience. 

Custom Adult Swim Inflatable Arch

Welcoming fans into the Adult Swim Festival was a giant bespoke inflatable arch.  Inflatable Design Group worked with Adult Swim’s creative team to design this arch to stand out amid all the Comic-Con festivities.  The arch consisted of two cat characters that were featured on the Adult Swim Festival poster.

Adult Swim Festival On The Green Event Poster
Adult Swim Festival On The Green Event Poster

The bespoke inflatable arch was about 30 ½ feet wide and just over 16 ½ feet tall.  It was customized to show off the Adult Swim brand and tower over event attendees.  It created the perfect, attention-grabbing entryway to Adult Swim’s Comic-Con event. 

Custom Inflatable Cat Arch at Comic-Con 2023
Custom Inflatable Cat Arch at Comic-Con 2023

Check out more examples of Inflatable Design Group’s custom inflatable archways and other entryways on our website.

Adult Swim Character Comic-Con Inflatables

Once fans entered the Adult Swim Festival under the bespoke inflatable cat arch, they were immersed in a world of all things Adult Swim including giveaways, games, and more.  To decorate the space Adult Swim displayed multiple giant inflatable heads of various characters from popular Adult Swim tv shows.

In early 2022, Adult Swim released a new cartoon called Smiling Friends.  The show has quickly gained popularity among Adult Swim fans.  To further promote their show, Inflatable Design Group created a giant inflatable head of one of the show’s main characters, Pim.  The head was 15 feet tall and displayed on a truss above one of the multiple stages at the Comic-Con event.

adult swim comic-con inflatables replicas of Pimm and Ricky
Pimm (left) and Rick (right) Inflatable Character Heads for Adult Swim Comic-Con Event

Along with the Pim head were four other custom inflatable character heads.  These heads included Rick and Morty, the title characters from the popular long-running Adult Swim cartoon Rick and Morty, and characters from Robot Chicken and Squidbillies.  All of which were displayed on trusses at the event.

RobotChicken and Squidbillies Custom Inflatable Character Replicas
RobotChicken and Squidbillies Custom Inflatable Character Replicas

Inflatable Design Group created the other four giant inflatable character heads for Adult Swim’s Comic-Con events in the past and they were used along with the Pimm head at the 2023 Adult Swim Festival at Comic-Con.

Get Started on Your Comic-Con Inflatables Today

From a giant inflatable replica of metal singer Ozzy Osbourne to a huge Snoopy house inflatable, Inflatable Design Group has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry to create multiple different custom Comic-Con inflatables over the years.

Comic-Con 2023 may have just happened but it is never too early to get started on your own Comic-Con inflatables.  Email our team today at to get a free quote.  Check out our website for more examples of our Comic-Con inflatables over the years.