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increase business with custom advertising inflatables

Elevate Your Brand and Increase Business with Custom Advertising Inflatables

Get eyes on your brand and increase business with inflatable logos and billboards designed and manufactured by Inflatable Design Group.  These custom advertising inflatables offer a unique and effective way to enhance brand visibility and leave a lasting impression on potential customers. 

The Impact of Inflatable Branding

Inflatable Design Group’s team will work with you to make your custom advertising inflatables in any size and color.  We use the Pantone Matching System (PMS) to accurately match the materials used in making your inflatable to your brand.

Day breaker Vodka Cocktail Custom Inflatable Can Replica
Day breaker Vodka Cocktail Custom Inflatable Can Replica

Giant inflatables demand attention and create a memorable visual impact due to their visually appealing nature. They can significantly boost your company’s brand awareness and marketing efforts, in turn increasing your business. 

Versatility and Portability

Custom advertising inflatables, such as inflatable logos and billboards, are incredibly versatile and portable.  From outdoor festivals and trade shows to sports games and even on the roof of your business, these inflatables can be used in various settings.  They also pack up relatively small, making them easy to transport and set up, ensuring your brand is always front and center.  This portability allows your business to showcase their brand in multiple locations, reaching a wide audience.

Mothers Wax Inflatable Replica at SEMA
Mothers Inflatable Product Replicas at Tradeshow

Strategically Placing Your Custom Advertising Inflatables for Maximum Impact

To get maximum brand exposure, it is imperative that you place your custom advertising inflatables in high-traffic areas.  By strategically positioning them where they will be most visible, you can effectively reach your target audience.  High visibility means your brand gets noticed, enhancing recognition and recall.

Bubblefest Giant Inflatable Billboard
Bubblefest Giant Inflatable Billboard by Highway

Boost Your Brand Recognition

In studies conducted by Nielsen Media Data and the Out of Home Advertising Association of America, it has been reported that outdoor advertising significantly boosts brand awareness.  In fact, Nielsen’s study reported that outdoor advertising can increase brand awareness by up to 80%.  By strategically placing your inflatable logos and billboards, your business can tap into the effectiveness of custom advertising inflatables, providing engaging and memorable marketing campaigns.

Sun Chips Giant Promotional Inflatable Replica
Inflatable Sun Chips Bag on Truck

Cost-Effectiveness of Custom Advertising Inflatables

In addition to demanding attention and being hard to miss, custom advertising inflatables are an extremely cost-effective marketing solution.  When compared to TV ads, radio ads, print ads, and other traditional advertising methods, inflatables offer a higher return on investment.  They are reusable, easy to transport, and can be set up at different locations or events.  This makes them a practical and budget-friendly marketing tool.

Inflatable Mascot Outside Store
Inflatable Mascot Outside Store

With proper care and cleaning, your inflatables can last for many years.  Check out our YouTube channel for tips and tricks on how to properly clean and care for your inflatable.