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custom indoor interactive inflatables

Take the Fun Indoors This Winter with Indoor Interactive Inflatables

The weather is getting cooler and winter is right around the corner.  Take the fun indoors with custom indoor interactive inflatables!  Inflatable Design Group has a large collection of interactive inflatables.  All of which are completely customizable!  Work with our team to customize your interactive inflatables and use them at your next indoor event!

Go Big with an Inflatable Slide or Custom Inflatable Bounce House

When people hear interactive inflatables they often think of giant inflatable slides or inflatable bounce houses which are both perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.  Inflatable Design Group has multiple sizes and styles of inflatable bounce houses and inflatable slides.  All of our inflatables are completely bespoke which means we can also work with you to create your interactive inflatable in a custom size or shape.  We use the Pantone Matching System to match your brand colors to your custom inflatable accurately!

Custom Inflatable Morty Slide at Adult Swim Fest
Custom Inflatable Morty Slide at Adult Swim Fest

When customizing indoor interactive inflatables it is imperative that you keep in mind the proper dimensions of your indoor space.  This will help our team ensure that your custom interactive inflatables will fit inside your indoor space and set up and use will go smoothly.

As mentioned before, all of our inflatables are completely custom.  Our team can work with you to customize a standard inflatable slide or bounce house.  They can also collaborate with you to create a completely custom-shaped interactive inflatable slide or bounce house!  Check out our website for examples and get in contact with our team to get started!

Bring on the Competition with Inflatable Games

Bring on the competition with custom inflatable games at your next indoor event!  From basketball shooting games to giant nostalgic games like inflatable tic-tac-toe, Inflatable Design Group has an extensive collection of inflatable games.  All of these are perfect for making your booth stand out at your next industry tradeshow or adding some fun at your team’s next home game. 

Bespoke Inflatable Memphis Grizzlies Basketball Game
Bespoke Inflatable Memphis Grizzlies Basketball Shooting Game

Use your custom inflatable games at your next hockey match or basketball game.  Provide your fans with some pregame fun with a fan zone filled with different inflatable games!  Your fans will have a blast duking it out against other fans before heading to their seats to cheer on their favorite team. 

Check out some examples of our inflatable games on our website!

Go Smaller with a Custom Inflatable Couch or Inflatable Money Machine

Have limited space?  Customize one of our smaller indoor interactive inflatables like our giant inflatable couch or inflatable money machine! 

One of Inflatable Design Group’s most popular interactive inflatables are our giant inflatable couches.  The measure at approximately 6.5 feet by 8.5 feet by 6.5 feet.  We also make inflatable chairs that measure at 8.5 feet by 8 feet by 8.5 feet.  Both are fully customizable and can be matched to your brand or team colors.  They are extremely easy to set up, take down, and travel with.  Plus, they are extremely durable and can hold multiple people making them perfect for event-day photo opportunities!

Giant Inflatable Couch for Cirque de Soleil
Giant Inflatable Couch for Cirque de Soleil

Our inflatable money machines are also a hit at events!  They provide excitement and are a great way to host fun promotions for your brand, team, or event!  Find out more about money machines on our website!

Order Your Indoor Interactive Inflatables Today

Elevate your next indoor event this winter with custom indoor interactive inflatables!  Email our team at for a free quote.  One of Inflatable Design Group’s sales representatives will get back to you as soon as possible and help you bring your vision to life!

Need help setting up or using your custom inflatable?  Check out our YouTube channel for step-by-step instructional videos!