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welcome the year of the dragon with an inflatable dragon

Welcome the Year of the Dragon with an Inflatable Dragon

Celebrate Lunar New Years and welcome the year of the dragon with a custom inflatable dragon designed and manufactured by Inflatable Design Group.

Lunar New Year is an annual festival that celebrates the beginning of the new year on the traditional lunisolar Chinese calendar.  The Chinese calendar assigns an animal and it’s specific attributes to each year, going in a twelve-year cycle.  This year, 2024, is the year of the dragon. 

Inflatable Design Group’s talented team can bring virtually any inflatable vision to life.  From stage sets to game day entryways, we have worked with companies and organizations in all different industries to create custom inflatable dragons that were used for different things. 

Inflatable Stage Set and Event Decor

Forbidden Kingdom is an annual bass and dubstep music festival that transports it’s attendees into a fantasy world.  The music festival is based on a story with many different mythical characters.  One of the most powerful characters is the dragon. 

Inflatable Design Group worked with the team behind Forbidden Kingdom to bring to life their mythical character in the form of a custom inflatable stage prop.  This inflatable was highly detailed and included lights in the eyes and had a fog machine.  The inflatable dragon was placed front and center on the festival’s main stage for all to see.

custom inflatable dragon stage set and inflatable dragon photo opportunity at Forbidden Kingdom festival
Inflatable Dragon Stage Set (left) and Inflatable Dragon Photo Op (right)

The custom inflatable dragon made a return at the festival for multiple years, either as a stage prop or as a fun photo opportunity.  You can view more custom inflatable stage sets on our website.

Show Off Your Mythical Mascot with an Inflatable Replica

Is your company, brand, or team mascot a mythical dragon?  Inflatable Design Group can help you bring it to life in the form of a custom inflatable replica. 

Inflatable Mascot Replica
Inflatable Mascot Replica

Our team can make your mascot replica any size you want!  We can also make it any colors and can accurately match your brand colors using the Pantone Matching System.

 Inflatable mascots demand attention and are a great way to spread brand awareness.  Our talented team can bring virtually any company’s mascot to life at any size and in any color!  We use the highest quality materials available in the industry so that your inflatable will last for years.  See more examples of our inflatable mascots on our website.

Custom Inflatable Dragon Entryway

Event entrances are a great way to not only welcome attendees but also set the scene for your event.  From inflatable arches to giant inflatable mascot entryways, Inflatable Design Group has created many different styles and sizes of inflatable dragon entryways for various events.

Inflatable Arch with 3D Dragon Head and Inflatable Dragon Mascot Entryway
Inflatable Arch with 3D Dragon Head and Inflatable Dragon Mascot Entryway

Check out our website for more examples of our inflatable entryways and get in contact with us to design your own inflatable entryway.  As mentioned before, our team can work with you to create a completely custom inflatable concept and bring it to life. 

Order Today!

Whether you are looking for an inflatable dragon or some other custom inflatable design, Inflatable Design Group can make it happen.  Email us today at for a free quote and ring in the year of the dragon in style!