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Inflatable Sculptures

Bespoke Inflatable Art: Bringing Imagination to Life with Inflatables

Bespoke inflatables are quickly gaining popularity in the art world as a medium for artists to bring their creative visions to life.  Inflatable Design Group has collaborated with many artists to inflate their artwork and bring it to life in the form of inflatable art.

Bespoke Inflatable Art is Versatile

When you collaborate with Inflatable Design Group anything is possible.  Our talented team has over 30 years of experience and can bring virtually any design or creation to life as a custom inflatable creation.  Want to bring to life an elephant mixed with a zebra?  Or how about a larger-than-life spooky inflatable spider?  We can do that!

Inflatable Elephant Zebra Sculpture
Inflatable Elephant Zebra Sculpture

The sky is the limit with custom inflatables.  Any creation you can dream of can become a reality when you work with our team.  Our team can create inflatables with the most intricate of details and bring to life a broad spectrum of creations in different shapes, sizes, and forms.  This versatility and ability to bring to life any creation in any size and to any specific specifications is why inflatables are becoming a popular medium for artists.

Lightweight, Portable, and Durable

Unlike heavy and hard-to-handle materials commonly used in traditional artwork and sculptures, inflatables are lightweight and portable.  This makes it easy to transport or travel with your inflatable creation and allows artists to showcase their work in various locations or move their installations from one exhibit to another.  The ease of transportation provides a level of flexibility that traditional sculptures can’t match.  Since inflatables are lighter than traditional materials used in sculptures they are also cheaper to transport.  Some of them are even small enough to throw in the trunk of your car or pack in your suitcase!

Inflatable Mouse Sculpture
Inflatable Mouse Sculpture

Despite how much they weigh, all bespoke inflatable art designed and manufactured by Inflatable Design Group is crafted with the highest quality materials available in the industry, ensuring that all our bespoke inflatables withstand the elements and maintain their integrity over time.  Each of our inflatables comes with its own warranty which can be reviewed on our website.

Cost-Effective Creations

Creating large-scale sculptures with traditional art mediums can be expensive.  Custom inflatables offer a more cost-effective alternative as inflatables are often more affordable than traditional sculpting materials and, as mentioned before, are also easier to transport from gallery to gallery. 

David LaChapelle Inflatable Art Sculptures for Smirnoff Events

Inflatable Design Group’s team also works with our artists to ensure that their inflatable creation is within their budget without compromising the important details or the impact of the final inflatable sculpture.

Breaking Boundaries and Using Air as Art

One of the unique things about using custom inflatables to bring your art to life is that inflatables can expand and contract.  This unique ability can be leveraged to add dimension to your art and can help create an immersive environment that engages viewers on multiple sensory levels. 

For example, Inflatable Design Group collaborated with talented artist Lewis deSoto to bring to life his artistic vision Paranirvana (Self-Portrait).  This work of art was a 26-foot-long inflatable that resembled a sleeping Buddha but with deSoto’s face. 

Paranirvana by Lewis deSoto Custom Inflatable Art
Paranirvana by Lewis deSoto Custom Inflatable Art

From the design of the sculpture to the cycle of inflating and deflating the sculpture, everything about this inflatable sculpture is symbolic and has intent behind it.  You can read all about this amazing inflatable work of art in Anya Montiel’s article “Art That Breathes: Lewis deSoto’s Paranirvana (self-portrait)”.                        

Collaborate with IDG on Your Bespoke Inflatable Art

Bespoke inflatables are an amazing medium for artists that offer the perfect mix of creativity, versatility, practicality, and uniqueness.  The characteristics of bespoke inflatable art allows artists to break traditional boundaries of works of art and create insanely detailed inflatable sculptures that engage viewers in different ways. 

Inflatable Design Group’s team of talented craftspeople are eager to help you bring your next work of art to life in the form of a bespoke inflatable.  Email us today at to get started and receive a free quote.  One of our sales representatives will walk you through the entire process and ensure that your art comes to life in a big and beautiful way!