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Custom Inflatables for Automobile Dealerships

Custom Inflatables for Automobile Dealerships

We are continuing our series on different types of custom inflatables used in marketing automobile dealerships.  Our previous article covered inflatable cars, inflatable products, inflatable characters and inflatable mascots.  Today, we will look at three more types of inflatable marketing products to consider for special events, sales, promotions, incentives and to simply drive everyday traffic to your dealership.

Inflatable Entranceways

Inflatable entranceways are a perfect way to make customers and guests feel welcome.  We customize our inflatable entranceways to reflect the branding of each automobile dealership and brand(s) they represent.  We can also co-brand any custom inflatable with partners and/or sponsors.

Misting Stations

Special events are a staple for automobile dealerships. You may not always want crowds of people cooling down in your showroom.  Misting stations are and ideal way to help customers and guests keep cool in hot weather. 

Inflatable Interactive

There are many types of inflatable interactive options that are fun and engaging for adults and children alike.  Our inflatable marketing experts can discuss some of these options to help you determine the ones that align best with your overall marketing objectives.

Automobile marketing is competitive and aggressive.  Successful owners and savvy professionals understand the value of developing an inflatable marketing strategy for their dealerships.  The creative team at Inflatable Design Group (IDG) has worked with local car lots as well as national brands.  Our custom inflatables are an affordable investment that can be used over and over again.  If you are interested in learning more about how giant inflatables can boost your bottom line, we can help. Give your friends at IDG a call today.