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nonprofit inflatables grab attention

Get Eyes on Your Cause with Custom Nonprofit Inflatable

The goal of nonprofit organizations is to further a social cause and provide a public benefit. To do this nonprofit organizations must capture attention and get eyes on their mission and brand.  Custom nonprofit inflatables are a great way to not only grab attention but to also effectively communicate the nonprofit organization’s mission and values.

Enhance Visibility with Custom Nonprofit Inflatables

Custom nonprofit inflatables have an inherent visual allure that demands attention and is hard to ignore.  When strategically placed and used at events, these eye-catching inflatables serve as visual magnets, drawing event attendees and passersby toward your nonprofit’s booth or designated area.  Custom nonprofit inflatables will tower over attendees and stand out in crowded spaces, ensuring that your nonprofit’s brand and cause are noticed and remembered.

Joy to Life Custom Inflatable Rounded Archway
Joy to Life Custom Inflatable Rounded Archway

Plus, with your custom nonprofit inflatables standing out at events they are sure to appear in multiple pictures posted to social media, increasing not only your brand awareness but also your organization’s social media reach. 

Increased Brand Recognition and Enhanced Fundraising Efforts

Custom nonprofit inflatables help illuminate your organization’s logo or mission into a larger-than-life, 3D representation.  Inflatables can be spotted from miles away and help leave a lasting impression on event attendees, creating a connection between the audience and the nonprofit’s cause.

Inflatable Count on Me Family Foundation Flat Top

Fundraising is at the core of nonprofit activities and custom nonprofit inflatables are a great way to enhance fundraising efforts.  Inflatable Design Group can work with you to create custom nonprofit inflatables that provide a tangible and visual representation of your fundraising progress.  This is a great way to motivate donors and increase fundraising engagement.  Custom-branded nonprofit inflatables can also help enhance fundraising efforts by getting more eyes on your nonprofit and your organization’s cause!  Many of our inflatables can be made with removable banners that can he displayed to inform the public about your newest fundraising campaign or other activities your organization is participating in.

IDG’s Custom Nonprofit Inflatables Provide Versatility and Durability

All inflatables designed and manufactured by Inflatable Design Group are made with the highest quality materials available in the industry.  This means that your inflatable will be extremely durable and can last for years, allowing you to use it at different events throughout the years.

Inflatable Breasts Walk Through Educational Activation
Inflatable Breasts Walk Through Educational Activation

From community fairs to fundraising galas and 5ks,  nonprofit organizations participate in a variety of events.  Custom nonprofit inflatables not only last for years but are also versatile and can adapt to the various settings of the different events your organization may attend or host.  They can be used both indoors or outdoors and can have removable signage that can be changed out for different events.  This is a great way to ensure that your brand representation remains consistent and impactful at all the events your organization participates in over the years.

Boost Your Nonprofit Efforts and Order Today!

Inflatable Design Group has worked with multiple nonprofit organizations around the country all with different missions to create inflatable creations that enhance visibility, promote their causes, and make a lasting impact at various events. 

Email us at to see how our team can help boost your nonprofit efforts with custom nonprofit inflatables.