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inflatable morty adult swim slide

Custom Adult Swim Inflatables

IDG has had the pleasure of working with Adult Swim many times over the years to create custom inflatables for the popular tv network.  These custom Adult Swim inflatables have been used at various Adult Swim festivals, events, and promotions. 

Adult Swim Inflatable Stage Props

IDG has worked with Adult Swim many times to create custom inflatable stage props for various events.  These inflatable stage props have often been inflatable character replicas of some of Adult Swim’s most famous characters including the title characters from the popular show Rick & Morty.

custom adult swim inflatables
Custom Adult Swim Inflatables

Other stage props Adult Swim inflatables IDG has created include inflatable replicas of characters from the shows Robot Chicken and Squidbillies.  The Squidbillies custom inflatable replica was used to welcome guests to Adult Swim Fest, which is a recurring event put on by the TV network.

Interactive Adult Swim Inflatables

In addition to inflatables stage props, IDG has also made custom interactive Adult Swim inflatables.  These custom Adult Swim inflatables have made appearances at various events including Adult Swim Fest and Comic-Con.

For Adult Swim Fest 2019, IDG worked with the tv network to bring to life one of their most popular characters, Morty.  Morty, from the tv show Rick & Morty, was transformed into a giant three-lane rainbow inflatable slide. 

inflatable morty slide
Inflatable Morty Slide

This inflatable slide towered over eventgoers.  It provided fans of the tv series with a fun and unique experience that allowed them to connect with one of their favorite cartoon characters.  You can read more about the Morty Slide here.

IDG has also created custom Adult Swim inflatables for Comic-Con.  Adult Swim always goes all out at Comic-Con.  Their booth is so large that it takes up a whole parking lot across the street from the San Diego convention center and is a whole event on its own. 

One of the big attractions at Adult Swim’s Comic-Con booth a few years ago was their funhouse.  IDG worked with Adult Swim to create an inflatable façade for their funhouse.  The Adult Swim Fun House was an inflatable and live interaction activation that gave comic con attendees a fun way to interact with their favorite TV shows.

inflatable adult swim fun house at comic con
Inflatable Adult Swim Fun House at Comic-Con

The Fun House was such a hit that Adult Swim took it on the road and toured around the country to various universities, which was easy thanks to the front structure being inflatable!

Giant Floating Activation

Adult Swim has always been known for its unique and creative promotional campaigns.  Their promotional campaign for the premiere of their new show Tuca & Bertie, which they picked up from Netflix after being canceled, was no different.   

In June 2021, IDG worked with Adult Swim to create a giant floating activation to promote the network’s new show.  These custom Adult Swim inflatables consisted of giant inflatables of the show’s title characters, Tuca and Bertie, lounging on giant pool floats.  Two sets of these inflatables were made, one being sent to Los Angeles and one being sent to New York. 

adult swim inflatables: tuca & Bertie
Adult Swim Inflatables: Tuca & Bertie

Read our case study about this giant inflatable floating activation here.

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