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custom concert inflatables

Blink-182 Concert Inflatables

Inflatable Design Group had the pleasure of working with Blink-182 on multiple concert inflatables for their 2023-2024 world tour.

Blink-182 is a rock band that was formed in San Diego, CA in 1992.  After the lead singer left the band in 2005 due to creative differences, the original band reunited in 2022 and is touring around the world during 2023-2024.  Blink-182’s tour kicked off in the United States in March and will continue till February 2024, with stops in Europe, South America, Australia, and more.  

Inflatable Design Group worked with Blink-182’s creative design team to create multiple concert inflatables for their reunion world tour.  All the inflatables are entirely custom-made to Blink-182 and their creative design team’s specifications.  Inflatables make the perfect stage props and concert stage sets as they pack up relatively small.  Concert inflatables also weigh less than traditional materials used in stage sets making them easier and cheaper to transport around the world. 

See more examples of concert inflatables and inflatable stage props IDG has created on our website.

Custom Blink Bunny Inflatable

One of the original Blink-182 logos consisted of a bunny and was drawn up by an ex-band member.  When the band released their first single after reuniting at the beginning of 2023, they brought the bunny back. 

One of the custom concert inflatables Inflatable Design Group helped bring to life for Blink-182’s tour was a giant inflatable replica of the Blink bunny.  The inflatable bunny appears at the back of the stage during one of the band’s songs while drummer Travis Barker drums away on a floating platform in front of the inflatable. 

Inflatable Replica of Blink Bunny
Inflatable Replica of Blink Bunny

The inflatable Blink bunny replica is rigged so that the production crew can move each of the bunny’s hands separately.  The inflatable bunny stands at 25 feet tall and towers over the stage.  Watch the bunny in action on Youtube.

Inflatable Projection UFO Dome

Blink-182’s stage set consisted of two large LED screens that played various videos and graphics throughout the concert.  The concert inflatables Inflatable Design Group made added a 3D component to the stage design, including the inflatable UFO dome our team manufactured. 

The inflatable UFO dome is about 12 feet long and 6 feet tall.  The inflatable dome is made so that videos and graphics can be projected onto the dome, making it look like they are inside the UFO.

During Blink-182’s set, a UFO flies around the LED screens behind the band.  Eventually, it floats to the top of the screen where it lies up with the inflatable dome.  Graphis of an alien and the Blink bunny are projected into the dome, making it look like they are inside the UFO.    See the inflatable projection UFO dome in action on YouTube.

Inflatable Ambulance Replica

Inflatable Design Group also created a giant custom inflatable ambulance for Blink-182’s reunion tour.  The ambulance measures 20 feet long, 8 feet tall, and 7 feet wide.  It is rigged with lights making it look like a real ambulance.

Blink-182 Inflatable Ambulance
Blink-182 Inflatable Ambulance

During the concert, the giant inflatable ambulance inflates and then is hoisted up above the band in front of the LED screens that are part of the stage set.  The ambulance is rigged to look like it is driving on a road while the band plays their set below it.

See the inflatable in action in this video on YouTube

Other Concert Inflatables

Inflatable Design Group has been busy this year collaborating with various musical acts and their creative teams to create amazing high-quality custom concert inflatables.  Our team has created concert inflatables that are currently touring around the world with artists such as Beyonce, Weezer, Melanie Martinez, and more.

Custom Concert Inflatables for Beyoncé and Weezer
Custom Concert Inflatables for Beyonce and Weezer

To see more examples of our custom concert inflatables and other inflatables for the entertainment industry check out our website.

Order Your Custom Concert Inflatables Today

 Inflatable Design Group’s team can make virtually any inflatable concept come to life.  Our team is extremely talented and pays extreme attention to every detail and stich of each of our inflatable projects.  We strive to not only meet your expectations but exceed them.    

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