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bespoke concert inflatables

Gear Up for 2024 Concerts with Bespoke Concert Inflatables

With 2024 only a few weeks away, many musical artists and bands are looking forward to the new year and announcing the concert tours they will be embarking on.  Put on the best show during your next tour with bespoke concert inflatables designed and manufactured by Inflatable Design Group!

Bespoke concert inflatables are a great way to dress up any concert stage set.  Plus, they bring a variety of other benefits that will enhance the overall visual and experiential aspects of any concert tour!  Below are several reasons why bespoke concert inflatables are perfect for your next concert stage set design!

1. Bespoke Concert Inflatables Leave a Larger-than-Life Visual Impact on the Audience

One of the main reasons artists and their teams like to utilize concert inflatables in their stage sets is because they are visually striking and create a unique stage presence.  A larger-than-life inflatable is a great way to enhance your stage and give your audience a show they will remember forever.

20 H Inflatable Robot for Rob Zombie
20 H Inflatable Robot for Rob Zombie

Recently, Inflatable Design Group worked with Rob Zombie’s team to create a giant 20-foot-tall inflatable robot that was used on his stage during his Freaks and Parade tour.  The bespoke concert inflatable was specially made with green lights in the eyes, giving the audience an even more memorable experience!

Learn more about Rob Zombie’s bespoke inflatable robot in our case study.

2. Reinforce Your Band or Artist’s Brand with Custom Designed Inflatables

Since all of Inflatable Design Group’s inflatables are custom, they are a great way to show off and reinforce your band or artist’s brand, logo, or identity.  Work with our team to design the perfect inflatable stage prop that will reflect your brand.

Custom Inflatable Ambulance with Old Logo for Blink-182
Custom Inflatable Ambulance with Old Logo for Blink-182

The band Blink-182 recently got back together and went on a reunion tour that took them to many cities within the United States and in Europe.  The band has been around since 1992 and wanted to bring some nostalgia to their tour so their team worked with Inflatable Design Group to bring to life some of the symbols of the band from their early days including their original band logo and bunny band symbol.

Learn more about this project on our website.

3. Enhance Your Show with Engaging Inflatable Stage Props

Bespoke concert inflatables can provide an interactive element to your concert stage design.  Work with Inflatable Design Group to customize your inflatable stage props to move, change shapes, have special effects, and more!  This is a great way to add an extra layer of engagement and entertainment for your fans.

Bespoke Concert Inflatable for Machine Gun Kelly
Bespoke Concert Inflatable for Machine Gun Kelly

In the middle of Machine Gun Kelly’s show during his Mainstream Sellout tour two custom inflatables slowly inflated behind him, adding to his stage set.  The artist then interacted with these two inflatables acting out a storyline of the artist fighting and eventually taking down his haters on the internet.  The big ‘TV Man’ inflatable that was meant to symbolize the internet moved and displayed a face on the giant TV screen.  This created a fun layer to Machine Gun Kelly’s concert and created an engaging storyline. 

Read our blog about these bespoke concert inflatables to learn more about how Inflatable Design Group worked with Machine Gun Kelly’s team to ensure that his custom inflatable stage props could be used in different-sized venues across the world. 

4. Portable, Quick Set Up, and Cost Effective

The main reason people use bespoke concert inflatables for their stage sets is because they are portable, easy to use, and cost-effective.  Custom inflatables are easy to set up and, depending on the complexity of the design, typically inflate within seconds.  They also pack up into relatively small packages that, when compared to traditional stage elements, are lightweight.  This means that they take up minimal travel space and are easier and cheaper to take on the road with you to wherever your concert tour may take you.

Bespoke Inflatables for Don Toliver Stage Props
Bespoke Inflatables for Don Toliver Stage Props

Bespoke concert inflatables offer a high impact-to-cost ratio and are sure to impress your fans on your next concert tour, no matter what city or country that tour takes you in!

Order Your Bespoke Concert Inflatables Today

Bespoke concert inflatables offer a unique, versatile, and enhancing stage set.  They add to the visual appeal, branding, and overall experience of your concert tour as well as providing many other benefits.

When you work with Inflatable Design Group, you call all the shots on how your bespoke inflatable will look.  This means your inflatable can be any size, any color, and any shape you want!  Email our team at for a free quote.  Please keep in mind that our lead time can be anywhere from 6-10+ weeks so getting started on your custom inflatable project as soon as possible is essential in making sure it is in hands in time for your tour.