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stand out with comic-con inflatables

Stand Out With Comic-Con Inflatables

Comic-Con Special Edition is a scaled-back event of the giant Comic-Con International event that takes place in early July in San Diego every year.  For the past two years, Comic-Con International has been canceled, but it will be back in July 2022.

With over 130 thousand individuals in attendance, Comic-Con is one of the top marketing events of the year for the entertainment and comics industry.  How do you make sure your brand stands out over the sea of attendees?  With custom Comic-Con inflatables of course!

IDG has over 25 years of experience and our custom inflatables have made appearances at many Comic-Con International events.  Find out more about the various uses of Comic-Con inflatables over the years below.

Comic-Con Inflatables as Booth Decorations

One of the most popular uses of Comic-Con inflatables is as attention-grabbing booth decorations.  Custom inflatables are a great way to increase brand visibility and awareness at Comic-Con. 

inflatable character replicas at comic-con international in san diego
Custom Inflatable Comic-Con Booth Decorations for BeKyoot (left) and Hasbro (right)

Hang your inflatable above your booth or place it in front of your booth and give event-goers a perfect photo opportunity that helps attract them to your booth.  Custom inflatable booth decorations are a sure way to make sure your booth stands out.

Custom Inflatable Activation Overlooking the City

IDG has taken many cartoon characters off the screen and into real-life through the form of giant, highly detailed custom inflatables.  For Comic-Con International 2013, IDG helped Cartoon Network replicate two characters, Mordecai and Rigby, from their popular show Regular Show.  These giant custom inflatable replicas were placed on top of a building in downtown San Diego where they overlooked the city, getting lots of attention.

Cartoon Network Regular Show Inflatable Character Replicas Comic-Con Inflatables
Custom Inflatable Character Replicas of Regular Show Characters for Comic-Con

Although these Comic-Con inflatables were not inside the actual Comic-Con event, they brought lots of attention to Cartoon Network and the Regular Show.  This inflatable activation was unique and a great way for Cartoon Network to stand out from the rest of the exhibitors at Comic-Con International, even before eventgoers entered the convention.

Check out other inflatable character replicas here.

Inflatable Structures at Comic-Con

Giant inflatable structures are also popular at Comic-Con.  Over the years, IDG’s talented team of craftsmen and artists have created a giant custom inflatable bounce house for Adult Swim and a giant inflatable replica of Snoopy’s House.  Both structures were used as brand activations and allowed eventgoers to go inside, giving them a unique and immersive brand experience.

custom inflatable snoopy house and adult swim house
Inflatable Snoopy House (top) and Adult Swim Custom Inflatable House (bottom) at Comic-Con International

Like all other Comic-Con inflatables, these custom inflatable structures were successfully used to increase brand awareness and help the brands stand out at the giant event.  In fact, Adult Swim’s custom bounce house was such a hit that it went on tour and traveled to various universities around the country.

Get Started on Your Comic-Con Inflatables Today!

Comic-Con International 2022 will be here before you know it.  Start planning now and be sure to incorporate custom inflatables into your booth or activation. 

As mentioned before, IDG has been in the custom inflatable manufacturing industry for many years.  Our team has worked with some of the biggest names in the entertainment and sports industries.  They can take any design or vision and turn it into a giant, eye-catching custom inflatable. 

Contact our team at to get started on your custom inflatable today!