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inflatable design group thanks you

Inflatable Design Group is Thankful for You!

The holidays are approaching, and the end of 2022 is near.  Inflatable Design Group wants to take this time to look back and thank all the wonderful clients we have worked with this year both old and new.

We are grateful to you all for choosing Inflatable Design Group to bring your visions to life this past year.  The year has been filled with new project concepts, the return of inflatables from past years, and new and returning clients.

New Custom Inflatable Concepts

At IDG we love bringing new concepts to life and enjoy a good challenge.  Earlier in the year, a production and design team working with Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) reached out to us to help bring the artist’s vision to life for his upcoming world tour.  They wanted two inflatable characters that would be part of not only the stage design but MGK’s concert and show. 

Custom Inflatable 'TV Man' Stage Prop for Machine Gun Kelly's Mainstream Sellout Tour
Custom Inflatable ‘TV Man’ Stage Prop for Machine Gun Kelly’s Mainstream Sellout Tour

One of the inflatable characters dubbed the ‘TV Man’, was to have a giant LED tile as its face.  The team and artist also wanted to be able to make it look like he was moving around during the show and wanted the TV Man to be able to adapt to different-sized venues so he could be used at all shows, whether that meant an arena, festival, or concert in Europe. 

IDG’s team stepped up to the plate and helped bring the team and artist’s vision to life.  It was such a cool opportunity to see this concept go from a hand-drawn design to reality.  You can learn more about MGK’s custom inflatable stage set in our blog or read the Lighting & Sound America article about this amazing project. 

Some Custom Inflatables Made a Return

One of the biggest benefits of IDG’s custom inflatables is that since they are made with the highest-quality materials in the industry, they can be used multiple times and last for years. 

Many times, we get to see our custom inflatable creations from past years make an appearance, and often they are used in a different way.  For example, a few years ago we worked with Adult Swim to make inflatable character replicas of the title characters from their popular adult cartoon Rick & Morty.  These custom inflatable character replicas were used as stage décor for an event.  This year, the inflatables made an appearance at Adult Swim Fest Block Party 2022.  The custom inflatable characters were used as decoration around the block party including having Rick draped over the roof of The Filmore theatre and Morty laying on the floor, perfect for fan photo opportunities.

Inflatable Rick and Morty Character Replicas at Adult Swim Block Party 2022
Inflatable Rick and Morty Character Replicas at Adult Swim Block Party 2022

A few of our other Adult Swim custom inflatables were also at the event.  Read our full recap of the event on our website.

Worked with Returning Clients

As mentioned before, IDG loves working with both new and returning clients to create custom inflatable designs.  This year we had the pleasure of working with Insomniac Events again to help them launch The Insomniac House Brand, a new division of the company. 

In the past, IDG has worked with Insomniac to create custom inflatable stage props for their festivals.  These inflatables included a giant inflatable dragon used at their festival The Forbidden Kingdom and a custom inflatable eyeball monster used at Insomniac’s event Cyclops Cove. 

custom inflatable stage props for insomniac festival stages
Custom Inflatable Dragon (left) at Forbidden Kingdom and Inflatable Eyeball Monster (right) at Cyclops Cove

This year however we worked with them to create an inflatable tent and an inflatable façade.  These were used at various Insomniac events, such as EDC, to welcome eventgoers into the immersive world of The Insomniac House.  Once inside, eventgoers could purchase merchandise from the company’s new division and listen to music. 

Custom Inflatable Facade for Insomniac
Custom Inflatable Facade for Insomniac

To learn more about this project and other custom inflatables we have made for Insomniac Events, check out our website.

Work with Inflatable Design Group

As the year comes to an end and the holidays approach, we want to thank all our returning and new clients for choosing to work with Inflatable Design Group.  We are grateful for you all and the projects we have worked on together.   

As the new year approaches, be sure to consider working with us next year.  Custom inflatables are the perfect addition to your marketing strategy, stage design, promotional campaign, and more.  Our team has worked with companies all over the world of all sizes and with different budgets.  To get a free quote and get started on your inflatable creation email our team at

For more information on the different types of custom inflatables read our blog.