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custom inflatable food products

Inflatable Food Products to Get Stomachs Rumbling

Make mouths water and stomachs rumble with inflatable food products.  Inflatable Design Group can work with you to turn any food product into a highly detailed custom inflatable that is sure to bring attention to your brand and product.

From inflatable product replicas to interactive inflatables, IDG can help turn your food product into a high-quality inflatable that can be used at events for years to come.  Your custom inflatable food product can last for over 8 years with proper care and cleaning.  Check out our YouTube channel for tips and tricks on cleaning and setting up your custom inflatable.

Custom Inflatable Food Entryways

As mentioned before, IDG can help turn your food products into custom inflatables of any shape and size, this includes custom inflatable food-shaped entryways! 

inflatable arch for publix and inflatable custom ketchup bottle entryway
Inflatable Arch for Publix (left) and Inflatable Custom Ketchup Bottle Entryway (right)

Whether you want an inflatable arch with your company name and products on the top or a completely custom inflatable entryway shaped like your product, IDG can do it all!  Custom inflatable food entryways are a great way to bring attention to your brand.  Use your inflatable entryway at your business during annual sales, at events your company attends, and more! 

Check out our collection of custom inflatable entryways on our website.  Our team can bring any vision to life in the form of custom inflatable entryways

Custom Interactive Inflatables

Custom interactive inflatables are another custom inflatable category that is popular among food companies.  From giant inflatable slides to inflatable games to inflatable money machines, IDG can do it all. 

custom interactive inflatable food
Inflatable Grocery Cart Football Toss (left) and Giant Inflatable Oscar Mayer Weinermobile Slide (right)

Inflatable interactive games are a great way to build a connection between your consumer and your brand or products.  IDG has an extensive collection of interactive inflatables that are all 100% customizable.  Our team can help you take your product and turn it into a fun interactive inflatable that can be used at company events and promotions. 

Check out our library of interactive inflatables on our website to get some ideas on your own custom food interactive inflatable. 

Inflatable Food Product Replicas

IDG can also help turn your food product into a highly detailed, realistic inflatable product replica.  Your inflatable product replica can be any size and shape you want! 

custom inflatable grilled cheese replica
Custom Inflatable Grilled Cheese Replica

IDG uses state-of-the-art technology to take a picture of your product and turn it into a realistic inflatable product replica.  Use your inflatable product replica to attract people to your business or at sponsorship events such as state fairs to increase brand awareness.

Check out more examples of our inflatable food products on our website to see what we have made in the past. 

Order Your Inflatable Food Products Today

Increase business with custom inflatable food products!  Whether you want to turn your candy bar into a giant inflatable slide or create a larger-than-life version of your burger combo with an inflatable food replica, IDG can help bring your vision to life!

As mentioned before, all IDG’s inflatables are 100% customizable.  This means that we can turn your food product into a custom inflatable of any size, any shape, and any color!  Contact our team at to get a free quote. Learn about the benefits of inflatable product replicas and why they provide a great return on investment in our blog about food & beverage inflatables.