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We have complied a list of commonly asked questions about custom inflatables. Don’t see your question below? Feel free to contact us!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make an inflatable?

Step 1: Leave the inflatable manufacturing to us!

We try our best to make the custom inflatable ordering and manufacturing processes as simple as possible. After you contact our team you will be connected with an experienced sales representative who will walk you through the process of designing your own custom inflatable. Then the process is as follows:

1) Approve the Concept

Our expert designers will create a concept according to your requirements. This concept will be sent to you for approval.

2) Sign the Contract

Once you have approved the concept you will receive a digital contract from us. Just sign it and send it back to us! Once the contract is signed and we have received it we will start manufacturing your custom inflatable.

3) Enjoy your Inflatable

Show off your products and boost your business with your new amazing custom inflatable creation.

How long does it take to manufacture a custom inflatable?

It takes anywhere from 5 to 10 weeks to manufacture your custom inflatable. We know it may seem like a long time but we want to make sure your custom inflatable exceeds your expectations and trust us, it’s worth the wait!  Be sure to get your orders in early to avoid any stress!

Please note: Our production time is constantly changing.  The best way to get an accurate production time line is by talking to your sales representative or calling us at 619-596-6100.  

Where is Inflatable Design Group located?

Inflatable Design Group's main office and warehouse are located in El Cajon in sunny San Diego, California.  


Our corporate office is located in Miami, Florida: 

13350 SW 131st St, Unit 106

Miami, FL 33186

How much does a custom inflatable cost? Why don’t you list any prices on your site?

Since all of our inflatables are custom-made and no two designs are the same, we have no set price list. That is why we offer free quotes for all projects. The price of your inflatable creation depends on various factors including the size, shape, material, and complexity of your design.

We want to pay with a check. Where should we send it?

Please send all checks to our Miami office located at:

Inflatable Design Group

13350 SW 131st St

Unit 106

Miami, FL 33186

What is the warranty on custom inflatables?

Yes. We offer anywhere from 1 to 3-year warranties on our custom inflatables. The length of the warranty depends on the type of inflatable. For example, inflatable interactive games typically come with a 1-year warranty whereas custom inflatable creations come with a 3-year warranty.  Ask your sales representative for more details.

Is the blower included with my inflatable? What about other accessories?

Yes. All IDG manufactured custom inflatables come with one horse-powered blower, a storage bag, tie-downs, stakes, a repair kit, and an instruction manual. Additional accessories, such as a fog machine package, can be added on for an additional fee.

How long does it take to set up an inflatable?

Depending on the size and complexity of your custom inflatable set up can take anywhere from 1 minute to 30 minutes.

How long do inflatables last?

All of our custom inflatables are manufactured using the highest quality materials in the industry. With proper care, good cleaning, and maintenance, your custom inflatable can last anywhere from 5 to 10 years.

For tips on cleaning your custom inflatable check out our how-to videos here.

Do inflatables need a blower running at all times for operation?

Yes. Blowers must be plugged into a power source, turned on, and running consistently for operation and inflation.

To see blower specs and hear an audio test of our three most popular blowers watch this video.

What colors are custom inflatables?

 IDG uses PMS (Pantone Matching System) and can match any school, team, or company colors.  You can find a list of the fabric colors we have in stock here

Please be aware that the actual material color may vary slightly from the color you see on the screen. 

We can also order any color you want however, please expect a delay in production.  

How loud are blowers for inflatables?

We have made a video that demonstrates how loud our three most popular blowers (cub, koala, and grizzly) are. Watch it here.

How do you clean an inflatable? How do you care for it?

Inflatable cleaning tips, care, and maintenance can be found on our website and youtube channel.

For further questions about maintenance please contact your sales representative.

Where do you ship your inflatables?

We ship our custom inflatables all over the United States and Worldwide.

What is the payment process on custom inflatables?

We prefer a 50% deposit once the contract is signed and the remaining 50% balance upon completion before shipping. However, we are willing to work with certain purchase orders.

How do you repair an inflatable?

Contact us! We offer full-service repairs, cleaning, and maintenance. Please note: shipping is not included.

How do I set up an inflatable? How do I deflate an inflatable?

Check out the Inflatable Videos section of our website for detailed step-by-step videos on how to set up, care for, and troubleshoot your custom inflatable.

These videos include:

How To Set Up your Misting Station

How to Connect a Fog Machine to your Inflatable

How to Clean an Inflatable

and more!


For more, detailed instructions on setting up, inflation, deflation, and more read our “Inflatable General Use & Care Instructions” guide here.

How long does it take to deflate an inflatable?

Deflating an inflatable can take anywhere from 5 seconds to 20 minutes. It all depends on the inflatable’s shape and complexity.

Inflatable tubular arches take about 5 seconds to deflate whereas inflatable tunnels and entryways take about 10 minutes. Our most complex inflatables will deflate in about 20 minutes.

What is your privacy policy?

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Still have questions?  Contact your sales representative or watch our inflatable how-to videos here!