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2022 in review bespoke inflatables

IDG’s Year in Review: 2022 Bespoke Inflatables

Inflatable Design Group had another successful year in 2022 when it came to bespoke inflatables and bringing clients’ visions to life.  We had the pleasure of working with many clients in various industries and creating amazing bespoke inflatables for different events and uses. 

From larger-than-life inflatable replicas of the Prince of Darkness to custom inflatable stage sets that traveled the world, IDG had a busy year and we loved every client and project we worked on.  Here is a quick review of Inflatable Design Group’s year and some of the fantastic projects we got to bring to life.

Music Industry Inflatables

This year, IDG had the pleasure of creating multiple bespoke inflatable stage props and stage sets for various artists in the music industry.  Some of them, such as Machine Gun Kelly’s inflatables for his ‘Mainstream Sellout’ tour, traveling around the world.  Machine Gun Kelly’s inflatable was also specially made to fit various festival stages and different-sized arenas.  You can read more about the bespoke inflatable stage set in our case study or in Susan Trevelyn’s article Man Vs Machine: Crafting a Personal Statement for Machine Gun Kelly’s New Tour

Machine Gun Kelly Bespoke Inflatable TV Man and Female Character Stage Props For Mainstream Sellout Tour
Machine Gun Kelly Bespoke Inflatable TV Man and Female Character Stage Props

Each of the inflatable stage sets and inflatable stage props we made this year were unique to the artists and musicians.  For example, the inflatable barbed wire heart for Karol G’s ‘$trip Love’ tour was designed after the Colombian singer-songwriter’s tattoo.  Our team also worked with the singer Todrick Hall to create a giant custom inflatable head that resembled the singer and was used as a stage prop during his tour this year. 

Bespoke Inflatable Stage Props for Karol G, Jessie Reyez, and Todrick Hall
Bespoke Inflatables for Karol G (Top Row), Jessie Reyez (Bottom Left), and Todrick Hall (Bottom Right)

Inflatable Design Group had a busy year working with clients to bring their visions to life.  It is always great to see our inflatable creations in action during concerts and performances.  Check out more examples of our past work with music industry inflatables on our website.

Comic-Con Bespoke Inflatables

This was the first year that Comic-Con International was back in full swing since 2019 in our sunny hometown of San Diego.  Inflatable Design Group was lucky to work with different clients to create multiple bespoke inflatables for the event. 

One of the inflatables we designed was a 25-foot-tall inflatable replica of metal singer Ozzy Osbourne.  The bespoke inflatable was displayed across the street from the San Diego Convention Center, where Comic-Con is held, and served as an advertisement for the release of the singer’s new album and comic book.  Following Comic-Con, the inflatable traveled around the United States making stops in multiple locations, and was eventually given away during a radio contest at the end of October.  Find out more about this Ozzy inflatable and learn about its travels across the country on our website.

Ozzy Osbourne 25 Foot Inflatable Replica in Las Vegas
Ozzy Osbourne 25-Foot Inflatable Replica in Las Vegas

In addition to the larger-than-life inflatable Ozzy replica, IDG also created an inflatable Cookie Monster for the new cartoon Mecha Builders, an inflatable logo block for the new HBO show Batwheels, and our giant inflatable replica of the title characters from the adult cartoon Tuca & Bertie that our team made in 2021 floated through the San Diego bay during the weekend of Comic-Con.

bespoke inflatable cookie monster and batwheel logo at comic-con
Inflatable Cookie Monster for Mecha Builders (left) and Inflatable Batwheels Logo (Right)

Since Comic-Con is held in our hometown of San Diego our team was able to go out and help with the set-up of some of the inflatables and got the chance to see our hard work in action.  Read our blog for our full Comic-Con 2022 recap

Bespoke Inflatable Entryways

In 2022 IDG also had the pleasure of working with various clients to create bespoke inflatable entryways and inflatable facades.  We worked with the popular event company Insomniac to create a custom inflatable façade that is used at their music festivals.

Insomniac Bespoke Inflatable Façade at EDC
Insomniac Bespoke Inflatable Facade

We also created a bespoke giant inflatable arch for the audio tech company JLab.  JLab specializes in various types of headphones and the arch was designed to look like a pair of over-ear headphones.  The inflatable arch was used by the company to host a silent disco.

custom inflatable arch that looks like JLab Headphones
JLab Inflatable Product Replica Arch

IDG has worked with the Kardashian family on many bespoke inflatable projects over the year.  This year we had the opportunity to work with Kourtney Kardashian to create a giant custom inflatable arch that looked like a pair of lips.  This bespoke inflatable entryway was used at her launch party to transform eventgoers into the world of her new wellness brand Lemme. 

 Inflatable Lips Entryway for Kourtney Kardashian Lemme Launch Party
Inflatable Lips Entryway for Kourtney Kardashian Lemme Launch Party

From giant inflatable head entryways used as the centerpiece for an album cover to smaller inflatable arches used for non-profit fun runs, Inflatable Design Group can make an inflatable entryway in any shape, size, or color you want.  Check out more examples of our inflatable entryways on our website and contact us to get a free quote.

New Website

In addition to all the bespoke inflatable projects our team worked on in 2022, IDG also launched a new website!  We hope that our new website makes it easier for current clients and prospective clients to see some of the amazing work we have done and get ideas for their own bespoke inflatable projects.  We are continuously updating and adding to our website to show you more ideas and give you more information on the bespoke inflatable industry.  If you have any suggestions for improvements to our website or ideas for future blogs and videos, please let us know.  We love hearing feedback and seeing action pictures!

In 2023 we will be launching a new website for our sports division, Inflatable Team!

Work with IDG for Your Bespoke Inflatables in 2023

2022 was a busy year for IDG and we expect 2023 to be even busier.  Since all our inflatables are manufactured and designed in-house by our talented team of designers, artists, and seamstresses, please know that our lead time is ever-changing.  Our lead time could be anywhere from 5 weeks to 10 weeks.  Therefore it is imperative that you contact IDG and get started on your bespoke inflatable project as soon as you can. 

Email our team at for a free quote and to get started on your project.

From all of us at Inflatable Design Group, we wish you happy holidays and look forward to working with you in 2023.