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custom inflatable summer recap

IDG’s Custom Inflatable Summer Recap

Labor Day has come and gone, and summer is officially over.  Inflatable Design Group’s team has been busy this summer with custom inflatable creations traveling around the country, and Europe, for various events and industries. 

Machine Gun Kelly Custom Inflatable Stage Set

The musical artist Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) is currently on his Mainstream Sellout world tour.  The musician, who has also dabbled in acting, wanted his show not just to be a concert but also to tell a story.  IDG worked with MGK to bring his vision to life in the form of two inflatable characters that were used as stage props

custom inflatable characters for MGK Mainstream Sellout concert tour
Custom Inflatable Characters for Machine Gun Kelly Concert Tour

The inflatable characters were not just part of the décor, but MGK interacted with them, making them part of his story.  You can learn more about this custom inflatable stage set on our website or read about them in the Lighting and Sound America article “Man Vs Machine: Crafting a Personal Statement for Machine Gun Kelly’s New Tour” by Susan Trevelyn. 

25-Foot Inflatable Ozzy Osbourne Replica

To promote Ozzy Osbourne’s new album IDG created a giant custom inflatable replica of the famous metal singer.  The inflatable replica stood at 25 feet tall and made its first appearance at San Diego Comic-Con 2022 before touring around the United States. 

25-foot tall custom inflatable Ozzy Osbourne inflatable replica in Utah
25-Foot Tall Inflatable Ozzy Replica in Utah

From the metal singer’s tattoos to his signature black eye makeup and painted nails, IDG’s talented team replicated it all.  The inflatable replica towers over passersby at 25 feet tall and gives fans of Osbourne a fun interactive experience of tracking where the inflatable will show up next.  A website and Instagram account called @whereispatientnumber9 allows fans to track the Ozzy Osbourne inflatable as it travels around the United States.  Read more about the Ozzy Osbourne custom inflatable replica on our website.

JLAB Giant Custom Inflatable Headphones

Another fun project IDG worked on this summer was a giant inflatable arch made to look like a pair of JLAB headphones.  This inflatable arch doubled as an inflatable product replica as well.  The arch was used by JLAB at the 2022 MLS All-Star Game to welcome people to JLAB’s Silent Disco activation. 

custom inflatable replica of JLAB headphones
Custom Inflatable JLAB Headphones

The custom inflatable headphone arch was a success!  JLAB worked with IDG’s team to design the inflatable headphones in a way that was sure to show off their brand.  The inflatable arch not only grabbed the attention of eventgoers but also served as a fun photo opportunity and helped increase brand awareness!  Check out more custom inflatable entryways on our website.

Order Today!

As you can see, IDG has had a busy summer. IDG’s talented team can inflate any design and bring it to life in the form of custom inflatables.  Our team uses state-of-the-art 3D programming to create a concept drawing for you to approve.  Upon approval, your design will be sent to our cutting and sewing department who, with their keen eye for detail, will bring your vision to life.  Then your custom inflatable will make its way to our art department where our talented artist will add the finishing touches.

Our team works diligently to ensure that all our custom inflatables not only meet your expectations but exceed them.  We use the highest-quality materials in the industry so that your inflatable creation will last for years. Please note that perfection takes time.  Our current lead time is around 8 weeks long. 

Contact our team at or give us a call at 619-596-6100 to get started on your custom inflatable or find out more information.  We look forward to working with you!