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5 reasons why inflatable design group for yoru custom inflatable project in 2022

5 Reasons Why IDG For Your Custom Inflatable

Custom inflatables are an investment. When it comes to ordering your custom inflatable, you want to make sure your company goes with the best inflatable manufacturer in the industry.  Here are 5 reasons why Inflatable Design Group is the best in the industry and why you should choose our company to inflatable your design!

1. Why Custom Inflatables?

First things first, you may be wondering why your company even needs a custom inflatable and what you would use it for.  Well, custom inflatables are a great way to advertise your company and increase your brand exposure.  It has been reported that custom inflatables increase brand exposure by 10 to 30%! 

Another reason your company or brand needs to utilize custom inflatables is that they are a great return on investment!  When compared to traditional types of advertisement (tv commercials, radio ads, newspaper ads), giant inflatables are said to provide 10x the visibility and cost about 90% less!  Unlike traditional forms of advertisement, giant inflatables can be used again and again for years!  Plus, they are easy to pack up and transport so you can use them at your business, at community events, on traveling concert tours, and more!

inflatable product replicas for mothers car care
Inflatable Product Replicas for Mothers Car Care at SEMA Convention

2. High-Quality Materials = High-Quality Creations

Our team uses only the best, highest-quality materials available on the market.  This ensures that the result is a beautiful custom inflatable creation that will last for years and can withstand even the toughest wear and tear.

Our team of sewers takes pride in every stitch that goes into your custom creation and has been working in the inflatable industry for over 25 years.  All our custom inflatables are manufactured with the highest-quality materials and, with proper care, cleaning, and maintenance, can last anywhere from 5 to 10 years. 

David LaChapelle custom inflatable interactive art sculpture for smirnoff midnight circus tour
David LaChapelle Custom Inflatable Interactive Art Sculpture for Smirnoff Traveling Tour

Need to repair your inflatable or just want to give it a good clean?  No problem!  Our team offers full-service repairs, cleaning, and maintenance, some of which are included in your warranty!  Contact our team to learn more or to schedule a repair today!

3. Our Clients Keep Coming Back!

Our high-quality products lead to happy clients and happy clients lead to repeat customers and referrals! 

Here at Inflatable Design Group, we pride ourselves on our great reputation.  We thrive to continue to exceed every client’s expectation, whether they are new or returning.  From small family-owned businesses to big named entertainment companies, our team has worked with businesses of all different sizes.  No matter the size of the project, we treat every client the same!   

Kung Fu Panda inflatable Character Replica for Movie Premiere event with angelina jolie and jack black
Kung Fu Panda Inflatable Character Replica for Hollywood Premiere Event

Want to hear what our clients are saying about working with us?  Read our reviews here!

4. Our Customer Service Is Top-Notch

With custom inflatables, no two designs are the same.  This means communication is key.  Upon contacting IDG, you will be connected with an experienced sales representative who will walk you through the entire process of designing and ordering your custom inflatable.  They will answer all your questions and pass on all information about your order to our designers so that your inflatable creation turns out better than you could ever envision!

custom inflatable morty slide for adult swim fest
Morty from Rick & Morty Custom Inflatable Slide for Adult Swim Fest

Our sales representatives and customer service team are among the most knowledgeable in the inflatable manufacturing industry.  They are quick to respond to all of our client’s needs will help ensure your vision is brought to life. 

Our entire team at Inflatable Design Group strives to exceed all our client’s expectations, not just meet them.  They can help answer any questions or modifications you may have along the inflatable ordering process.  Our team can also work with any size budget!  No matter how big or small, our team of experienced sales representatives is quick to give suggestions so that your final project stays within your given budget. 

5. Ordering is Easy!

At IDG we try our best to make the custom inflatable ordering and manufacturing process as easy as possible.  Once you are connected with a sales representative the process is as follows:

hop skinny beer can from community beer
Product Design for Inflatable Product Replica

Step 1: Approve the Concept

Communicate your design idea with your sales representative and send any design ideas you may have. Your sales representative will then pass on your requirements and design to our expert designers.  Our designers will then turn your vision into a concept that meets all your requirements.  This concept will be sent to you for approval.

IDG concept of inflatable beer can replica
Inflatable Beer Can Replica Concept Created by an IDG Designer

Step 2: Sign the Contract

Once the concept is approved by you, you will receive a digital contract that will lay out all IDG’s terms.  Once you have signed your contract and paid your deposit our team of skilled craftsmen will start manufacturing your custom inflatable creation!

community beer co inflatable beer can replica
Community Beer Co. Showing Off Their Custom Inflatable Replica Outside of Their Business On Instagram

Step 3: Enjoy Your Inflatable!

Once your custom inflatable is complete, we will ship it to you along with all the accessories needed to set it up and take it down.  Once you receive your inflatable show it off and watch your business or brand boost!    

Ready to Order?

When you invest in Inflatable Design Group we invest in you.  Our team works tirelessly to ensure that all of your expectations are not only met but exceeded.  We want you to be just as proud of your custom inflatable creation as we are. 

Ready to order?  Contact our team at with your custom inflatable idea to get started!

Have more questions? Check out our FAQ page.

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