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9 Inflatable Product Replicas that Look Just Like the Originals 11

9 Inflatable Product Replicas that Look Just Like the Originals

Check out these incredibly accurate inflatable product replicas by Inflatable Design Group! This blog focuses on food and drink products, so for even more examples head to our Product Replicas page. Here at IDG, we specialize in custom inflatables. So, any product can be recreated as an awesome inflatable! For example, keep reading to see burgers, shakes, ice cream and more come to inflatable life. Some of our satisfied customers include Wendy’s, Mountain Dew, and Bacardi. The talented IDG team works hard to make sure the customer’s needs are met, keeping communication through the entire process! So, contact IDG today to get started on an inflatable product replica of your own!

Inflatable Wendy’s Combo Meal

Wendy’s, the popular fast-food chain looked to promote their burger, fries, and drink combo. Upon finding IDG, they looked no further. Promotion has never been easier or more eye-catching! Wendy’s wanted their combo meal to come alive, enticing customers to come into the store! So, the talented Inflatable Design Group team created a giant inflatable burger, fries, and drink cup! As you can see in the picture below, the burger came complete with the patty, cheese, lettuce, tomato, and even sesame seeds on the bun! In addition, the fry carton held an actual picture of Wendy’s fries and featured the iconic logo on the front. Also, the bright colors of Wendy’s products were just as bright as inflatables, making the promotional products impossible to ignore! Check out more inflatables like these on our Inflatable Food Products page!

Inflatable Wendy’s Combo Meal Replica

Mountain Dew Inflatable Replicas at a Trade Show

Trade shows are perfect opportunities to display and promote your products to interested parties. What better way to make that happen than with giant inflatable product replicas? Inflatable Design Group made Mountain Dew’s booth the talk of the show with larger-than-life inflatable can replicas. In addition, we created an interactive basketball game for the booth. Check out more on our interactive inflatable games page! The main goal of trade show booth promotion is to be eye-catching. Therefore, our IDG artists created accurate Mountain Dew cans that towered over the event attendees! So, consider Inflatable Design Group for your trade show needs!

Mountain Dew Inflatable Cans

Go Veggie Grilled Cheese Sandwich Inflatable Replica

We created an inflatable grilled cheese sandwich for Go Veggie. Go Veggie provides healthy cheese alternatives for those who either choose to or are restricted from eating cheese. In the picture below, you can see the inflatable product replica up close. So, check out the intricate detail on the inflatable! As you can see, the bread is not all one flat color, but rather a realistic depiction of a slice. The crust, cheese, and logos are all accurate to the real product, making the promotion believable and effective! So, check out more of our talented artists’ work on our inflatable product replicas page!

Go Veggie Inflatable Grilled Cheese Sandwich Replica

Coco Libre Inflatable Coconut Water Bottle Replica

Like the Mtn Dew inflatables, IDG created this Coco Libre bottle replica for their trade show booth. However, this inflatable replica is unique because it floated over the heads of attendees, hanging from the ceiling. It’s impossible to miss a giant bottle of coconut water levitating overhead. So, this inflatable product replica proved to be effective promotion for Coco Libre! Don’t miss out on this awesome promotion opportunity, contact Inflatable Design Group today for a free estimate!

Coco Libre Coconut Water Inflatable Bottle Replica
Coco Libre Coconut Water Inflatable Bottle Replica

Freddy’s Frozen Custard Inflatable

We created a large inflatable custard inflatable replica to promote Freddy’s Frozen Custard and Steakburgers. As you can see in the picture below, the inflatable custard cup looks just like the original dessert! I want to call attention to the detail of the custard inside the cup. The custard depicted in this inflatable looks like it has chocolate and caramel mixed in. For those who saw the inflatable replica, the attention to detail may have influenced their decision to purchase custard with their meal! Therefore, the talented Inflatable Design Group team holds a strong reputation of accurate inflatable product replicas. Contact us today to get started on yours!

Freddy's Frozen Custard Inflatable Replica
Freddy’s Frozen Custard Inflatable Replica

Four Peaks Co. Inflatable Beer Cans

IDG created four giant inflatable beer cans for a Four Peaks Brewing Co. event. These cans stood over 15 feet tall and displayed the vibrant designs of the original cans. Also, the inflatables served as awesome photo opportunities for attendees. People took photos with their favorite of the four beers, from the Peach golden ale to their flagship Kilt Lifter amber ale. In addition, the inflatable replicas added to the fun atmosphere, encouraging event-goers to buy those beers! Inflatable product replicas are perfect for events and product promotion, so get started on yours by contacting us today!

Inflatable Four Peaks Brewing Co. Cans
Inflatable Four Peaks Brewing Co. Cans

Inflatable Lay’s Classic Chips Bag Replica

The iconic yellow Lay’s classic potato chips came to inflatable life with the help of the IDG team. This inflatable replica is a great example of how accurate the our inflatables are compared to the original. As you can see in the picture, each line and detail is clean, every color is vibrant and the design is cohesive. So, this is a shout out to our talented team for creating these awesome inflatable product replicas! Check out more along these lines on our inflatable food products page!

Inflatable Lay's Classic Chips Bag Replica
Inflatable Lay’s Classic Chips Bag Replica

Yuenglings Inflatable Ice Cream Carton Replica

You scream, I scream, we all scream for ice cream! We created a giant inflatable replica of a carton of delicious ice cream for Yeungling’s Ice Cream company. The picture below shows how the inflatable is an exact match to what you would see in the frozen section of the store. Also, this inflatable replica represents a specific flavor: Black and Tan. Therefore, Yeungling’s looked to promote this chocolate caramel flavor and the inflatable got their customers’ attention. Those customers have that flavor at the front of their minds after seeing the awesome inflatable. So, promote your product with an inflatable replica! Contact us today!

Inflatable Yuengling’s Ice Cream Carton

Bacardi Silver Inflatable Bottle Replica

We also made an inflatable rum bottle replica for Bacardi. As you can see in the picture, this promoted their Bacardi Silver rum product. This inflatable replica is unique because it’s transparent. Just like the silver rum is nearly see-through, the inflatable depicts the bottle accurately. So, the bottle looks even more realistic by not adding color or design to those parts of the bottle. In addition, the labeled parts of the bottle are accurate down to the logos and fonts of the original. Here at IDG, we take pride in high quality products and customer satisfaction. Check out more like the Bacardi bottle on our Inflatable Bottles Cups and Cans page! Also, contact us to get started on your own inflatable product replica!

Inflatable Bacardi Silver Rum Bottle Replica
Inflatable Bacardi Silver Rum Bottle Replica