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5 Significant Reasons to Advertise your Business with Inflatable Products on a Limited Budget. 3

5 Significant Reasons to Advertise your Business with Inflatable Products on a Limited Budget.

We are all looking for ways to stretch advertising dollars during these crazy times and we hope to help you start your journey and save some money by advertising with inflatable products.

Make your money last by advertising with inflatable products, here is a list of some good reasons to consider Inflatable Design Group for your next campaign. 

1 – Inflatables are easy to store, transport, and inflate!

Smaller inflatables can weigh as little as 55 lbs making them a dream to transport, store, and most importantly set up. Set up can take 1 person to maneuver to the desired location and watch the inflatable go up in a matter of seconds! Your time is valuable and this is a plug and play at its best!

2 – Small and simple inflatables draw a lot of ATTENTION!

Small inflatables can be seen from far away with your big visible message. Inflatables grab attention because they are unique, colorful, and deliver the message in a GIANT way.

3 – Longevity is the key to a long-lasting way to stretch your advertising money

Advertising monies need to be carefully considered so you want to look at all ways to advertise over the next few years. Simple basic maintenance to your inflatable and it can last 5 plus years! 

4 – Versatility is the name of the game!

Design your next inflatable with the ability to swap out various messages, sale banners, or other important signage. Another great idea, install a light and have nighttime signage! 

 Inflatable arches come in all shapes and sizes and are perfect for advertising! They are easy to transport and can be used again and again!

5 – Quick ROI or Return on Investment.

A small initial investment can drive immediate sales and visibility to your store, business, and/or school to make the best IMPACT possible.


Contact us today to get started with your unique design. 

We are here to help you every step of the way.