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Adult Swim Festival custom inflatables

Adult Swim Festival Block Party Recap: Music, Comedy, and Custom Inflatable Replicas!

Adult Swim Festival is an event that is put on by the popular adult-oriented cable network that is all things Adult Swim.  It happens annually and is usually held in Los Angeles but in 2022 the network held an Adult Swim Festival Block Party in Philly.  This three-day event was filled with exclusive Adult Swim content and, of course, custom inflatable replicas designed and manufactured by Inflatable Design Group.

Giant Inflatable Rick & Morty Character Replicas

A few years ago, IDG made giant inflatable character replicas of the title characters from the animated Adult Swim series Rick & Morty.  These inflatable replicas have made appearances at many of the Adult Swim Festivals over the years and they were back in action this year at the Adult Swim Festival Block Party.

Inflatable Rick was draped over the roof of The Fillmore, welcoming attendees to the Philadelphia music venue.  The Fillmore housed many musical acts and some viewing parties of exclusive Adult Swim Festival content throughout the weekend of the Block Party.    

Rick Inflatable Character Replica on The Fillmore in Philly for Adult Swim Festival Block Party 2022
Rick Inflatable Character Replica on The Fillmore in Philly for Adult Swim Festival Block Party 2022

The inflatable replica of Morty was laid out on the floor located across the street from Rick and The Fillmore in front of the Punch Line Philly.  The Punch Line also hosted Adult Swim related events throughout the weekend as part of the Adult Swim Festival Block Party. 

Morty custom inflatable character replica from Adult Swim cartoon
Inflatable Morty Character Replica at Adult Swim Festival Block Party 2022

Attendees stopped to take pictures of both custom inflatable character replicas.  Some even stopped and positioned themselves to look like they were stuck in Morty’s hand.  Pictures of both inflatable replicas were posted all over social media, increasing the event’s awareness. 

As mentioned before, the inflatable replicas of Rick and Morty have made appearances at multiple Adult Swim Festivals over the years.  Each year they are used in a different way. 

Smiling Friends Inflatable Headquarters

Another one of IDG’s custom inflatable replicas that made an appearance at the Adult Swim Festival Block Party this past weekend was the Smiling Friends inflatable headquarters.  This custom inflatable is a replica of where the characters from the Adult Swim cartoon Smiling Friends work. 

Of course, just like the other two inflatable replicas, event attendees stopped to take pictures with the giant custom inflatable.

Custom Inflatable Replica of Smiling Friends Headquarters from Adult Swim Show
Smiling Friends Inflatable Headquarters at Adult Swim Fest

Although this is the first time the Smiling Friends inflatable headquarters made an appearance at the Adult Swim Festival, it is not the first time this inflatable has been used.  A few months ago, multiple inflatable headquarters appeared in cities all around the country including Atlanta, Los Angeles, and Brooklyn.  This pop-up inflatable activation was used as a promotional campaign for the show Smiling Friends and took place the weekend the show was to premiere on HBO. 

During the inflatable promotional campaign, each inflatable headquarters was equipped with a light, cutouts of the characters, and a motion sensor speaker.  The motion sensor speaker would play the tv show character’s voices as people passed by and at night, thanks to the light and cutouts, you could see the Smiling Friends characters inside the inflatable headquarters. 

custom inflatable Smiling Friends Headquarters replica
Smiling Friends Inflatable Headquarters for Promotional Campaign

This inflatable activation was unique and ended up all over social media.  There was even a Reddit thread guessing where the inflatable would show up next.    Overall, this was a successful promotional campaign, and it was great to see the inflatable back in action this past weekend at Adult Swim Festival Block Party.

Past Adult Swim Festivals

IDG has worked with Adult Swim on many custom inflatable projects including a giant floating activation for the premiere of Tuca & Bertie and a custom inflatable Morty slide.  The custom inflatable Morty slide was multiple stories tall and made an appearance at a couple of Adult Swim Festivals over the years.  This slide was custom-made and could be seen throughout the entire event.

Custom Inflatable Morty Character Slide
Custom Inflatable Morty Character Slide

You can learn more about the custom inflatable Morty slide on our website

Get Ready for Your Event with Custom Inflatable Replicas!

Have your own festival or other event coming up and looking for a unique way to show off your brand?  Contact our team at to get started on your custom inflatable replicas!  IDG can turn virtually any design or concept into a giant custom inflatable. 

Our team uses only the highest quality materials available so that your custom inflatable creations will last for many years.  This allows you to use the same inflatable at your event each year, just like Adult Swim has done! 

Please note that IDG’s current lead time is around 8 weeks.  It is important to get started on your inflatable project as soon as possible so that you have your custom inflatable in your hands well before your event.