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advertise with an inflatable sign

Billboards Are Out. Advertise with an Inflatable Sign!

Billboards are boring and temporary. They cost tons of money, are up for a limited time, and how many people take the time to look at them? Grab your consumer’s attention and advertise with a giant custom inflatable sign!

Fully Customizable!

With billboards your advertisement is confined to a specific size and shape. When you work with Inflatable Design Group, your inflatable sign is 100% customizable!

Want giant inflatable 3D letters spelling out your company’s name? We can do that! Want a traditional inflatable square with your logo digitally printed on it? We can do that too! Seriously, the sky is the limit with custom inflatable signs. IDG’s talented team can make your inflatable any shape, size, or color you want!  

custom inflatable advertising signs for fox sports
Custom Inflatable Signs

With custom inflatable signs you can get creative! Have both sides be different like Progressive did in the photo below or add a 3D element to your giant inflatable sign which can also be seen in the photo below.  

custom inflatable sign for progressive and university
Custom Inflatable Sign Progressive Front and Back (top) and Law Tigers Front and Side (bottom)

Work with IDG to bring your advertising inflatable to life. You pick the look, color, and dimensions. Our team will create a concept based on your requirements. This concept will then be sent to you for approval. 

We do not start manufacturing your custom inflatable until you approve the concept.

Great Return on Investment and Long Lasting!

In addition to being 100% customizable, inflatable signs are a great return on investment! Unlike billboards, which are a one-time use, inflatable signs can be used again and again!  

Use your custom inflatable sign at your event every year or display it in front of your business whenever you have a sale. Your giant inflatable sign is sure to bring in attention and increase brand awareness no matter where it is!

inflatable advertising signs for business and for red tag sale
Custom Inflatable Sign Outside Business (left) and Custom Inflatable Sale Sign (right)

IDG’s team has over 25 years of experience. We use the highest quality materials available in the industry in every custom inflatable that we design and manufacture. Your custom inflatable manufactured by IDG is sure to last for years, unlike a billboard which is only up for a couple of months before being replaced by a different company’s ad.

Easy to Store and Can Be Used Anywhere!

Easy to Store and Can Be Used Anywhere!

When not in use, inflatable signs can be rolled up and packed into surprisingly small packages. 

All our custom inflatables, including inflatable signs, come with storage bags, and we have made how-to videos detailing step by step how to deflate your inflatable. Since inflatables can be packed up into such a small package, they are easy to store and transport! Just pack your inflatable into the given bag and throw it in your car to take it to its next destination.        

In addition to being easy to store and transport, inflatable signs can be used anywhere! Inflate your sign in front of your business, on your company’s roof, or at your next event. Anywhere you show off your inflatable sign it is sure to bring attention to your business and build brand awareness!

HOC Music Festival inflatable sign
Custom Inflatable Sign for Music Festival

Order Your Inflatable Sign Today

Increase business and order a custom inflatable sign today! As mentioned before, you can choose exactly how your inflatable looks including its dimensions, shape, and colors. Inflatable signs designed and manufactured by IDG are long-lasting, easy to store, and can be used anywhere!  

Stop spending money on billboards and change your marketing plan today! Contact our team at to get started on customizing your inflatable sign.