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bespoke trade show inflatables

Bespoke Trade Show Inflatables – Get Eyes on Your Brand

With hundreds, sometimes thousands, of exhibitors at tradeshows standing out from the crowd is crucial for attracting potential clients and generating leads.  Bespoke trade show inflatables are a great way to make your booth and brand stand out.  They also help capture attention and can attract people to your booth. 

From product replicas to inflatable pavilions, Inflatable Design Group’s talented team can make virtually any inflatable concept come to life.  We have worked with many companies of different industries to create eye-catching bespoke trade show inflatables.

Bring Eye-Catching Appeal to Your Booth with Bespoke Trade Show Inflatables

Trade shows are bustling with activity and standing out can be challenging.  Bespoke trade show inflatables are visually striking and can be designed to reflect your brand’s identity and message.  Whether it is a giant inflatable product replica that towers over attendees, a branded inflatable archway, or an interactive inflatable game, these trade show installations draw the eye to your booth and can attract visitors from across the exhibition floor.

Nanosonics Trophon Inflatable Medical Device Replica
Inflatable Medical Device Product Replica at Trade Show

Inflatable Design Group can make your bespoke trade show inflatables virtually any size and color you want!  Large sizes and vibrant colors make them hard to miss and ensure that your booth stands out. 

See more examples of inflatable product replicas on our website and email us today to inflate your products in a larger-than-life way!

Enhanced Brand Visibility and Lasting Impressions

Bespoke inflatables are not just visually appealing, they also serve as excellent branding tools.  Giant inflatable product replicas or other bespoke trade show inflatables designed with your logo, colors, mascot, or messaging can reinforce brand recognition and leave a lasting impression on attendees. 

Ibex Inflatable Goat Mascot at Tradeshow
Ibex Inflatable Goat Mascot at Tradeshow

According to the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI), 85% of consumers remember the advertiser on promotional products.  By displaying bespoke inflatables that showcase your brand you increase the chances that trade show attendees will remember your company long after the event has ended.

See more examples of inflatable mascot replicas on our website.

Versatility and Reusability

In addition to enhancing brand visibility, all of Inflatable Design Group’s bespoke inflatables are made with the most durable materials available in the inflatable manufacturing industry.  This means that your inflatables will withstand the test of time and can be used at many events over the years and they do not need to only be used at tradeshows! 

Community Beer Company Inflatable Replica IN front of Brewery
Inflatable Beer Can Replica at Brewery

The durability of these bespoke inflatables means they can be reused multiple times at events such as festivals, corporate events, and more.  This provides long-term value and, with proper care and storage, these inflatables can last for years, offering continuous brand exposure!

See more pictures of inflatable bottles and cans on our website and learn more about the bespoke inflatable manufacturing process in our FAQ.

Easy Setup and Portability

Despite their large size, bespoke inflatables are relatively easy and fast to set up and take down.  This makes them convenient for trade shows where time and space is often limited. 

State Farm Inflatable Pavilion at Trade Show
State Farm Inflatable Pavilion at Trade Show

Bespoke inflatables are lightweight and portable, allowing you to transport them easily to different events.  This practicality adds to their appeal as a versatile marketing tool. 

Your brand is sure to stand out with a giant inflatable pavilion!  Check out more examples of our inflatable tents and pavilions on our website.  We also make custom digitally printed pop-up tents, table covers, flags, and more!  See our entire collection of promotional products here.

IDG Uses Bespoke Trade Show Inflatables Too!

At Inflatable Design Group we know how important it is to stand out at tradeshows.  That is why we also use bespoke trade show inflatables when we attend various industry trade shows. 

Inflatable Design Group's NACDA 2024 Booth
Inflatable Design Group’s NACDA 2024 Booth

Recently, we went to the annual NACDA show which is for college athletics.  Our booth consisted of three popular sports inflatables: a giant couch, inflatable mascot, and inflatable photo frame.  You can see more pictures of our booth and about how we used inflatables to stand out in our NACDA blog

Order Today!

Bespoke trade show inflatables can significantly enhance your booth’s visibility, engage attendees, and create lasting impressions.  Their eye-catching appeal, branding potential, and ability to generate social media buzz makes them a valuable investment for any company looking to stand out in a crowded marketplace. 

Email us today at for a free quote!  Keep in mind that our lead time is over 6 weeks and continues to change.