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custom inflatable letters

Make a Big Statement with Custom Inflatable Letters

Looking to make a big statement and get eyes on your brand?  Custom inflatable letters made by Inflatable Design Group is a great way to accomplish those goals.  They can be any size, shape, and color you want and are extremely easy to set up!  Plus, they pack up small so that you can bring them on the road with you or easily store them when not in use.

Custom and Attention Grabbing

As mentioned before, IDG can make your inflatable letters any size, shape, and color.  We can even match your company or event colors!  We use the Pantone Matching System (PMS) for our color matching and identification.  Check our website for a list of fabric colors we have in stock.  We can also order any custom color however please expect a delay in production.   

IDG’s creative team uses state-of-the-art 3D technology to bring your design to life with a 3D rendering and drawing.  This drawing is sent to you for approval before we start production on your custom inflatable letters. 

Whether you want a giant inflatable letter for the front of your shop or a phrase in 3D inflatable letters, IDG can bring your vision to life.  Inflatable letters can be any size you want and are sure to grab the attention of people passing by.

Bubblefest Giant Inflatable on the Side of Freeway
Bubblefest Giant Inflatable on the Side of Freeway

All Eyes on Your Business

Hosting a grand opening or a huge sale?  Custom inflatable letters are a great way to make your business stand out and get eyes on your company name!

Inflatable letters can be displayed on the ground in front of your business or even on your business roof!  These are both great ways to grab the attention of passersby and entice them to come check out your shop.

Cannabis inflatable and other giant inflatable letter outside store
Examples of Advertising with Custom Inflatable Letters

As mentioned before, IDG can make your inflatable letters any size and shape you want.  This means if you want a 15-foot-tall inflatable letter or a 30-foot-long inflatable word, we can do it!  Contact our team today to get a free quote on your custom inflatable letters. 

Use Your Custom Inflatable Letters as Decor

Custom inflatable letters are a great way to advertise your brand, business, or event.  They also serve as wonderful décor for festivals, conventions, sports games, and even stage sets! 

Inflatable Design Group has worked with brands, corporations, and even musical artists from all over the globe to create custom inflatable letters that served as décor at various events and in different ways. 

One popular use of inflatable letters is using them to welcome attendees to events like sporting games, music festivals, and tradeshows.  Using inflatable letters for this purpose is a great way to excite attendees as they enter the event and they also serve as a fun photo opportunity! 

Custom inflatable letter signs for FCCLA and HOC music Festival
FCCLA and HOC Music Festival Custom Inflatables

We have also worked with the pop band UB40 to create giant custom inflatable letters for their stage set. Check out a video of the inflatable letters in action on YouTube. We have also written countless blogs about the many benefits of custom inflatables in your stage design including one highlighting some of the inflatable stage sets we designed this year.

UB40 Custom Inflatable Stage Set
UB40 Custom Inflatable Stage Set

Order Your Custom Inflatable Letters Today

Custom inflatable letters are a great way to get eyes on your business or brand.  They also can be used as decoration at different events or as stage sets!  It has been reported that, when compared to traditional forms of advertising such as billboards and commercials, custom inflatables provide about 10 times the amount of visibility and cost about 90% less!

Custom inflatables are a great addition to any company’s marketing campaign.  In addition to inflatable letters, we also make inflatable logos, inflatable product replicas, and more!  All of these are wonderful ways to get your brand in front of people’s eyes and build brand awareness.  Read our blog about giant advertising inflatables to learn more!

Ready to get started on your custom advertising inflatables?  Email us at