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custom fundraising inflatables

Elevate Your Cause with Custom Fundraising Inflatables

Fundraising events are essential for nonprofit organizations and companies to raise money and awareness for their causes.  Capture attention and get more eyes on your brand by incorporating custom fundraising inflatables into your events.  Inflatables are not only visually striking but also provide interactive experiences and elevate events.  This can increase donations and leave a lasting impression on attendees.

The Impact of Fundraising Inflatables at Events

Custom fundraising inflatables have a unique ability to draw crowds and create a memorable atmosphere.  Below are some examples of how fundraising inflatables can significantly impact your fundraising efforts:

1. Attracting Attention

Giant, colorful inflatables are impossible to miss.  Their size and design can attract attention from far away, making your event and cause stand out.  Whether you have an inflatable mascot, a branded inflatable archway, or custom inflatable event décor, these eye-catching features draw in passersby and increase foot traffic.

2. Create Shareable and Memorable Moments

Creating moments that are memorable and social media-worthy are a great way to bring attention to your cause.  Custom fundraising inflatables are a great way to elevate any fundraising event!  From inflatable event décor like what IDG created for the annual Robin Hood Gala to inflatable photo ops and arches, attendees will not be able to resist sharing their experiences on social media when custom inflatable event décor is involved.

Inflatable Basketball and Blimp for Robin Hood Event
Custom Event Inflatables at Robin Hood Fundraising Gala

Read more about the Robin Hood annual gala and the inflatables IDG designed for their event the last two years on our website.  Attendees sharing their experiences on social media is a great way to amplify your event’s reach and can lead to increased awareness and donations for your cause.    

3. Enhancing Brand Recognition

Inflatable Design Group’s team can help you design your fundraising inflatables to feature the logo, colors, and messaging of your organization or cause, or both!  This consistent branding reinforces your organization’s identity and helps attendees remember your cause. 

Joy To Life Custom Inflatable Archway 51' Wide
Joy to Life Inflatable Archway

4. Boosting Donations

Increased foot traffic, engagement, and brand recognition that custom fundraising inflatables bring can lead to higher donations.  When attendees have a positive and memorable experience, they are more likely to feel connected to your cause and contribute financially. 

Types of Custom Fundraising Inflatables

Inflatable Design Group has an extensive list of custom inflatables, many of which can be perfect for your fundraising event.  Our team can also help you design a completely custom inflatable and bring it to life!  Below is a list of some types of fundraising inflatables that you can customize to show off your organization and cause:

1. Inflatable Archways

Inflatable archways and entryways are perfect for making a showstopping entrance to your event.  They can also be used as the start and finish line for your organization’s 5k.

In Action 5K Custom Inflatable Arch
Queen 5K Custom Inflatable Archway

Custom inflatable entryways create a grand entrance that sets the tone for the event and can be customized with your organization’s branding.  These entrances are ideal for charity runs, walks, and other outdoor events. 

See examples of inflatable entryways on our website.

2. Inflatable Mascots or Product Replicas

An inflatable replica of your organization mascot or product can be a great focal point.  It also adds some personality to your organization, event or cause.  These inflatables are highly visible and can become a symbol of your event while also providing an excellent photo opportunity.

Kitty Litter Bucket Inflatable Product Replica
Inflatable Kitty Litter Bucket for Recycling Campaign

IDG can work with you to bring your mascot or product to life in any size, shape, and color you want!  See examples of our inflatable mascots and inflatable product replicas on our website.

3. Interactive Inflatables

Interactive inflatables, such as obstacle courses, inflatable games, and interactive inflatable educational displays, are great for engaging attendees.  Interactive inflatables and inflatable games are perfect for family-friendly events and keeping children entertained whereas interactive inflatable educational displays provide a memorable educational experience.

Custom Inflatable Interactive Breast Exhibit
Custom Inflatable Breast Cancer Awareness Educational Exhibit

Both of these are a great way to bring awareness to your organization or cause and can help increase donations.  See our list of interactive inflatables and educational inflatables on our website.  All are customizable.

4. Vendor Tents and Promotional Products

In addition to custom inflatables, IDG also makes custom digitally printed promotional products.  These include flags, table covers, and vendor tents with printed canopies, side walls, and back walls. 

Count On Me Foundation 10x10 Vendor Tent
Count On Me Foundation 10×10 Vendor Tent

Promotional products and vendor tents provide a practical and visually appealing way to set up information stations, registration areas, and merchandise stands.  These structures are easy to set up and can be branded with your organization’s info.  Learn more and see examples on our website.

Order Your Custom Fundraising Inflatables Today

 Utilize custom fundraising inflatables at your organization’s events to bring attention to your cause.  These inflatables can have a significant impact on engagement, brand recognition, and donations.  Email us today at for a free quote!