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inflatable tents

Inflatable Advertising Tents

Inflatable Design Group’s inflatable advertising tents are a great way to increase brand awareness at any event.  Work with our team to customize your inflatable tent to be any size, shape, and color!  We can digitally print your company name, company logo, or any other signage onto your inflatable advertising tent. 

Inflatable Advertising Tents are a Great Return on Investment

Inflatable advertising tents can be used in a variety of ways at various events to promote your brand.  They are a great investment because, with proper care and cleaning, your custom inflatable tent can last for up to 10 years.  During those 10 years, you can use your inflatable tent at different events to help increase your brand awareness.

Custom Ford Inflatable Advertising tent
Ford Inflatable Tent

Custom inflatables pack up into relatively small packages.   This means it will be easy to take your inflatable adverting tent on the road with you and it will take up minimal storage space when not in use. 

Custom Inflatable Advertising Tent as a Merchandise Store

As mentioned before, you can use your inflatable advertising tent in different ways to promote your brand.  One popular use of inflatable tents is using them to sell merchandise.  For example, the brand Insomniac recently worked with IDG to create a custom inflatable tent (and custom inflatable façade) that are to be used to sell merchandise at their events.  The Insomniac custom inflatable tent is being used at their various events as a fun place to sell merchandise for their new brand division Insomniac House party.

Custom Inflatable for Insomniac
Custom Insomniac Inflatable In Action

IDG also sells fully digitally printed vendor tents.  Our vendor tents are much smaller than our custom inflatable advertising tents but also make a great location to sell merchandise.  They can also be used for different things.  Learn more about our vendor tents and other promotional products on our website.

Stand Out from Your Competition at Trade Shows

Attending a tradeshow soon and trying to find a creative way to stand out from your competitors?  Try an inflatable advertising tent!  As we mentioned before, our inflatable advertising tents are customizable.  That means that you get to pick the shape, color, and dimensions of your custom inflatable.  Work with IDG to create a tent that will make you stand out at the next tradeshow or industry event you attend.

State Farm Inflatable Tradeshow Booth
State Farm Inflatable Tradeshow Booth

When designing and ordering your inflatable tradeshow booth it is important to note the size of your event space so that our designers can create your tent in the proper dimensions.

Inflatable Advertising Tents for Outdoor Events

Another great use of IDG’s inflatable advertising tents is using them at various outdoor events.  Whether you are selling beverages at a huge music festival or giving away products at a local soccer game, IDG’s inflatable tents are a great way to make your brand stand out and look good.

Cuties Brand Custom Inflatable Advertising Tent
Cuties Brand Custom Inflatable Advertising Tent

As mentioned before, our inflatable tents are customizable.  We can match any company colors and digitally print any logo directly onto your custom inflatable tent. 

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Inflatable advertising tents can be used for many years at different events to increase brand awareness.  Since they last for years and are easy to move around and set up they provide a great return on investment. 

Inflatable Design Group can make your inflatable tent in any shape, size, and color you want!  Check out examples of our inflatable tents on our website

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