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Inflatable Advertising Shapes Will Make You Stand out from the Rest 1

All it Takes is One Word

Inflatable words create brand awareness, inspire action, and advertise with ease! Check out some of Inflatable Design Group’s best inflatable words and logos on this blog and more on our Advertising Shapes and Logos page. Here at IDG, we specialize in custom inflatables. Therefore, any word or logo is possible with our talented team. As you can see, the client’s preferred colors and designs are vibrant and eye-catching! IDG is rewriting the common misconception that inflatables are limited to bounce houses and arches. So, keep reading for awesome examples of inflatable words, letters, and logos!

Inspire Action with Inflatable Words

The talented IDG team created a #VoteTogether inflatable that featured in the Greenville Town Common. Vote Together is a “national campaign to increase voter participation by making voting fun and celebratory” according to their website. Also, Vote Together events include “block parties, BBQs, and parades” that “take place during early voting and on Election Day”. So, Vote Together utilized IDG’s resources to include a large inflatable #VoteTogether logo at the Greenville event. This inflatable added to the atmosphere of the event! The campaign logo became a photogenic inflatable with event-goers taking and posting pictures on social media. In addition, IDG supported Vote Together’s mission of celebrating “civic engagement and the act of voting” with the awesome inflatable. So, inspire action with Inflatable Design Group by contacting us today!

Inflatable Words Are Great Photo Opportunities

The increasingly popular use of social media to spread information and promote events creates a need for photo opportunities at events. Therefore, IDG is your one-stop-shop for photogenic inflatables! So, check out our Custom Shapes page to see some awesome examples. The inflatable arch below featured at the 2019 Bonnaroo music festival in Tennessee. As you can see, festival-goers loved the opportunity to pose under the Bonnaroo arch. So, just one word on an inflatable is all it takes to create a hit photo spot! Consider Inflatable Design Group for your next event! Just like at Bonnaroo, your attendees will take photos with the cool inflatable. Then, those event-goers will share the pictures on all platforms of social media. This free advertising comes as a result of IDG’s resources, so don’t wait! Call us today for a free estimate!

Inflatable Words in Sports

Sports promotion and inflatables go hand-in-hand. In fact, we have a whole website dedicated to sports inflatables! Check it out at! However, in this blog, I’m focusing on the positive impact of inflatable words and letters. For example, the talented IDG team created inflatable letters to promote the Big 12 Conference. The Big 12 is a collegiate athletic conference that includes 10 universities, such as Baylor University and the University of Kansas. So, fans of any of these 10 teams were excited to see the giant Big 12 inflatable letters. Some, like in the picture below, even took pictures with the letters. As mentioned in the paragraph above, inflatable letters like these are very photogenic! So, whatever sport you are involved in, consider Inflatable Design Group for your inflatable needs!

Big 12 Inflatable Letters

UB40 Inflatable Letters on Stage

The popular English reggae-pop band UB40 utilized IDG’s resources for a 2019 concert. Inflatable Design Group created giant inflatable letters to stand behind the band. The inflatable letters, as you can see in the picture below, towered over the stage and amplified the atmosphere of the concert. In addition, the letters increased brand awareness for the band due to the pictures and videos posted with the inflatable band name in the background! So, inflatables are useful not just for event promotion but featured on stage as well! Check out some more sweet examples of inflatable stage props on our Inflatable Stage Props page. Contact Inflatable Design Group today to get started on your next inflatable stage feature!

Inflatable Words in Advertising

Advertising with inflatables creates excitement like no other. One of the most popular forms of inflatable advertising is a large depiction of the group’s logo or name. Inflatable Design Group specializes in custom inflatables, making any logo, name, or shape possible! For example, consider the inflatable Billboard letters in the picture below. Billboard tracks and records the weekly popularity of songs in and around the United States. Since the 1940s, Billboard has been iconic for its music popularity charts. So, along with the magazine’s rise in popularity, the Billboard font became iconic as well. Inflatable Design Group captured this 2-dimensional font with 3-dimensional inflatable letters. Therefore, Billboard and music fans, in general, experienced the logo in real life and jumped at the opportunity for pictures with the inflatable. The talented IDG team can bring your iconic letters to life with inflatables as well! Contact us today!

Billboard Inflatable Logo

More Eye-Catching Inflatable Advertising

For more information and awesome examples of inflatable advertising with IDG, check out our recent blog titled “Be Bold with IDG’s Inflatable Logos and Shapes“. Here is a preview of what the blog includes:

“Inflatable logos are a great asset to help promote any company or event. Custom inflatable logos help draw people to your business! Inflatable Design Group will transform your logo or company image into an inflatable. Therefore, this will create a one of a kind message visible all around the area. Custom inflatable logos look professional and creative at the same time. So, whether you want a giant inflatable or a smaller logo, we make them all. Last year we made a logo for the Billboard Music Awards (pictured below), which resonated with fans and stars alike! Keep your custom inflatable promotional logo as simple or wild as you need. IDG works with you during every step of the production process to ensure you’re getting an inflatable that represents your vision. These custom inflatable logos are impossible to ignore and increase business!”