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HOW TO: Archway Inflatables Set up and Take down

HOW TO: Archway Inflatables Set up and Take down

Archway Inflatables 101

Welcome back to the continuation of our Fall Blog Series How To. This week on our How To series we will share our insights and tips on how to inflate Archway Inflatables. Archways are quick and easy to put up and the take down takes only a minute. There isn’t the hassle of having to put together a metal truss or a sign then trying to find a place to hang it. Archways are great for making your next 5k or marathon standout and look very professional. For a visual aid please refer to our video located at the bottom of the page or our YouTube Channel. Our visual aid shows step by step how our professionals setup and take down an inflatable tunnel.


Set Up:

  1. Take your inflatable arch out of bag
  2. Unfold archway and layout on the floor.
  3. Locate zippers on either side of archway (2)
  4. Open zippers and place one sand bag in each leg of the archway
  5. Locate fan tunnel extension
  6. Secure fan tunnel with tether
  7. Turn fan blower on
  8. Each arch has four tethers, on top and bottom anchor points around the base of each leg that should be secured with sand bags, stakes, or water ballasts.


Take Down:

  1. Release all four tethers from sand bags to begin the take down process
  2. Turn fan blower off
  3. Release tether from fan extension
  4. Open zippers on both sides
  5. Remove sand bags from the leg of the arch
  6. Close zippers on both sides
  7. Begin to fold your inflatable arch in half then fold in half again
  8. Begin to tightly roll
  9. Tie your rolled inflatable with tether
  10. Place your inflatable arch back in bag
  11. Store dry, never pack wet!