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Inflatable Run Archways from Inflatable Design Group 1

Inflatable Run Archways from Inflatable Design Group

Speed past inflatable run arhcways

Inflatable run archways and 5ks, half marathons, etc. have gone hand in hand for as long as I could remember. Do you recall the last time you completed a 5k or marathon and there wasn’t an archway for the start or the finish line? Personally I don’t think I have ever done a 5k and there not be an archway somewhere in the race.

Mud Run Arch

Archways are  quick and easy to put up plus the take down takes only a minute. You don’t have to worry about the hassle of having to put up a metal truss then to find a place to hang it.  Archways are superb for making your next 5k or marathon standout and create some pizzazz, our inflatable archways are ranging from 15′ to 50′ wide.
Mud Run Arch1

This Saturday, May 14th The Neon Run is going to be lighting up the streets of San Diego and we are so happy to see our archways in their 5k race. We also loved seeing out archways in the Survivor Mud Run.


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