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Back to School with IDG 6

Back to School with IDG

It’s back to school season! Begin your school year right with Inflatable Design Group! Whether it’s elementary, middle, high school, or college, IDG has the perfect inflatable for you. Custom inflatables are great for back to school events such as orientations, sports games, educational activities, and product promotions. So, if you’re a parent, teacher, coach, or just trying to sell some back to school items, consider Inflatable Design Group’s products to amplify your events! Feel free to give us a call at (619) 596-6100 or email us at for a free estimate!

Read More with IDG

The talented team at Inflatable Design Group created many inflatables to get kids excited to go back to school in the past 25+ years. Some of our satisfied customers utilized IDG’s resources to inspire reading! For example, one of our customers had Laura Numeroff’s popular children’s book, “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” brought to wonderful inflatable life! As you can see in the picture below, the custom inflatable included the famous mouse, cookie in hand, standing on top of a pile of books. In addition, along the spine of one of these larger-than-life books was the inscription: “Inspire a love of reading…one crumb at a time”. This beautiful quote tied in the plot of the book to display an important message. So, I have no doubt that this inspired children to get some reading in for the day!

Custom “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” Inflatable

Inflatable Design Group successfully helped inspire reading with a custom inflatable, so imagine what we can do for you! Take advantage of this opportunity to get your kids excited for the upcoming school year. Contact us today!

Educational Inflatables

Inflatable Design Group not only inspires children to read but also can be educational! Inflatables are a great way to bring something from the pages of a textbook to life. When a student can visualize the textbook material in a hands-on fashion, the information is retained better! For example, IDG has created anatomically accurate custom inflatable body parts. These custom inflatable exhibits stand tall enough to walk through and include labeled sections and problems to solve. Check out the pictures below! This custom inflatable brain exhibit is a perfect example of IDG’s ability to educate! The larger-than-life, vibrantly colored inflatable will be sure to stick in students’ heads. This giant custom inflatable brain added a unique hands-on experience for the students involved. So, do you want to make your next anatomy lesson unforgettable? Check out our custom inflatable medical exhibits page and contact us to get started!

Custom Inflatable Brain Side View
Custom Inflatable Brain Front View

Kick-Off the Season with Sports Inflatables

School isn’t the only thing starting back up this fall! For high school sports, football, volleyball, and water polo are all starting their seasons very soon. Stay ahead of schedule by planning for a custom inflatable from IDG to be included at your season opener! Intimidate the opponents with a giant inflatable mascot! Or, get your fans excited with a custom inflatable entryway! Furthermore, let IDG handle the grand entrance with a custom inflatable mascot tunnel! When your team takes the field by running through a 20-foot-tall mascot tunnel; that’s what I call a touchdown. Nothing beats the exhilarating feeling of entering the home field, ready to compete. Such a feeling is under the helmets of each Graham High School football player pictured below. Moreover, check out Inflatable Design Group’s custom inflatable longhorn mascot tunnel looming behind them! Don’t miss out on this opportunity, kick off the season with IDG!

Graham High School Longhorns Custom Inflatable Mascot Tunnel

However, Inflatable Design Group is not limited to mascot tunnels for football games. Actually, IDG has an impressive repertoire of sports-related inflatables! Check out our sports website, to see more! To name a few examples: arches, logos, obstacle courses, interactive games, tents, and promotional inflatables are all offered. So, consider Inflatable Design Group this back-to-school season, and we will be sure to take care of your sports inflatable needs.

Inflatables Promote Back to School Shopping

“BACK TO SCHOOL SALE!” is the promotion you have planned for your store. It’s sure to bring customers in to take advantage of the sweet deals you have planned, right? The only problem is, EVERY other store is having the same sale! Differentiate yourself with a custom inflatable from Inflatable Design Group! With one of our custom promotional products, arches, logo blocks, or other inflatables, your sale will undoubtedly catch the eye of many customers! Right now, parents are on the hunt for great deals on clothes, backpacks, and school supplies. Help them find what they are looking for with a giant promotional inflatable such as is pictured below! Pictured below, one customer’s “Red Tag Sale” was impossible to ignore with a giant custom inflatable red tag promoting the deal!

Custom Red Tag Sale Promotional Inflatable

In addition, IDG’s inflatables are easily transported, so they can be placed outside your building, inside your store, or wherever you need it! Also, Inflatable Design Group is known for its custom inflatables. This means you can promote whatever you want, however you want with our products! A giant inflatable backpack? Sure! Your company logo standing 10 feet tall? You got it. your idea can come to life with IDG, so give us a call to get started!

College Inflatables to Start Fall Semester

College and university classes are moving into the fall semester, and for most this means that it’s a transition into a new class level. Coming back to campus comes with a wave of school pride! Take advantage of the school spirit with a custom college inflatable from Inflatable Design Group! From university orientation to football game tailgates, IDG is your go-to. On our sports website,, you can find an expansive display of our university products. You’ll see mascots, logos, arches, giant couches, and much more! So, go check it out!

Currently, I could not be more excited to attend San Diego State University for my senior year! After the amazing past three years on this campus, I am definitely an “Aztec For Life”. Some of the best times I’ve had during my time here are the football and basketball games, tailgates, and other on-campus events. There’s one thing all these events have in common. They are heavily promoted around campus, and specially advertised at the venues themselves. For example, the custom inflatable pictured below was utilized at an important SDSU football game. I can’t wait to attend more Aztec football games and other events and expect to see more IDG inflatables as well! Contact Inflatable Design Group today for a free estimate!

Custom Inflatable SDSU Logo