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bespoke branded inflatables

Get Your Name Out There with Bespoke Branded Inflatables

Bespoke branded inflatables are a great way to get your name out there.  They can be used at different events to create a memorable connection with your consumers.  They can also be used outside of your business to attract people to your business.

Inflatable Design Group specializes in bespoke inflatables.  Our team can work with you to customize one of our standard designs or we can work with you to create a completely custom inflatable concept to show off your brand!

Interactive Bespoke Branded Inflatables

Bespoke interactive branded inflatables are a great way to connect and engage with your consumers while showing off your company name.  Inflatable Design Group has a large collection of interactive inflatables that can all be branded and customized to show off your brand.  Interactive inflatables also generate excitement among consumers!   We can match any colors and put any design or logo directly onto your bespoke branded inflatable.

bass pro shops bespoke inflatable cornhole game
Bass Pro Shops Bespoke Inflatable Cornhole Game

Two of our most popular interactive branded inflatables are our inflatable flattop games and giant inflatable couches.  Our inflatable flattop games come with a custom removable target background, allowing multiple games to be played on one inflatable unit.  This flexibility is perfect for bringing to different events your company may attend.  You can also use your inflatable flattop in front of your business for events such as grand openings, sales, and more!

Giant Custom Inflatable Couch and Inflatable FlatTop Game
Giant Custom Inflatable Couch and Inflatable FlatTop Game

IDG’s giant inflatable couches are also popular among companies and brands looking to get their name out there.  Just like our flattops, IDG can match your giant inflatable couch to your company colors and put your logo or other design directly onto your bespoke inflatable.  Giant inflatable couches provide consumers with a fun and unique photo opportunity and are a great way to spread brand awareness.

Check out our collection of interactive games on our website.

Inflatable Logos & Inflatable Replicas

Another category of popular bespoke branded inflatables designed and manufactured by IDG are our inflatable logos and inflatable product replicas.  Inflatable Design Group’s team can take any company’s logo or product and turn it into an amazing, highly detailed inflatable replica.  From 8 feet to 30 feet tall, IDG can do it all! 

bespoke promotional inflatables
Inflatable Logo Block (top) and Inflatable Product Replica (right)

From small family-owned companies to giant worldwide corporations, IDG has worked with companies of all sizes to create inflatable logos and product replicas used to increase brand awareness.  Check out our collection of promotional inflatables on our website for ideas. 

Bespoke Branded Inflatable Arches and Entryways

inflatable Design Group also makes bespoke inflatable arches and entryways that can be branded to show off your company.  We have many different styles, shapes, and sizes.  You can use your inflatable entrance at your business or at community events such as fun runs. 

bespoke branded inflatable arch at 5K
State Farm Custom Inflatable Angular Arch with Banner

Check out our collection of inflatable entryways on our website

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