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Comic-Con Inflatables

Bespoke Comic-Con Inflatables

San Diego Comic-Con 2023 will take over downtown San Diego from Wednesday, July 19th to Sunday, July 23rd.  For that week, downtown San Diego will be decked out in all things comic-related and will be filled with bespoke Comic-Con inflatables designed and manufactured by Inflatable Design Group!

From giant inflatable replicas to interactive inflatable activations, IDG has worked with different clients to create wonderful bespoke Comic-Con inflatables over the years.  These bespoke inflatables have been in different shapes, sizes, and colors and have been used for all sorts of different things.  Many of the inflatables even continued to travel around the country in the weeks after Comic-Con for various events and appearances.

inflatable Ozzy Osbourne replica in Venice Beach after Comic-Con
Inflatable Ozzy Osbourne Replica in Venice Beach after Comic-Con 2022

Interactive Inflatable Activations

During Comic-Con the San Diego convention center fills with various panels and booths put on by networks, studios, and film and tv programs.  These same organizations also create interactive activations that take over the area surrounding the convention center.  Over the years, IDG has had the pleasure of working with different clients, such as Adult Swim, to bring some of these interactive activations to life in the form of bespoke Comic-Con inflatables.

custom interactive inflatable activations at Comic Con.
Inflatable Snoopy House (top) and Inflatable Adult Swim Fun House (bottom) Interactive Activations at Comic-Con

From a giant inflatable replica of Snoopy’s house to a fully customized inflatable Adult Swim-themed Fun House, IDG has created many giant inflatable interactive activations and structures that have been used throughout downtown San Diego during the week of Comic-Con.  Both bespoke inflatable Comic-Con interactive activations were giant and attention-grabbing, making them perfect for standing out during Comic-Con. 

Check out more interactive inflatable activations on our website.

Bespoke Comic-Con Inflatable Replicas

Another type of bespoke Comic-Con inflatables that IDG specializes in are inflatable replicas.  From inflatable replicas of cartoon characters to a giant 25-foot-tall inflatable replica of the famous metal singer, Ozzy Osbourne, IDG has done it all.  Our talented team can perfectly replicate anything or anyone you want! 

Bespoke Comic-Con Inflatable Replicas Around San Diego During 2022 Comic-Con
Inflatable Replicas for Comic-Con: Ozzy Osbourne (Left), Mecha Builders Cookie Monster (Middle Left), Tuca and Bertie (Top Right), and Batwheels Logo (Bottom Right)

These bespoke Comic-Con inflatable replicas decorated downtown San Diego during the week of Comic-Con in different ways.  Some of them were displayed on top of buildings, some floated through the San Diego bay, and some stood looking over crowds on the lawn across from the San Diego convention center.  Not only do inflatable replicas show off and help promote your brand or program, they also serve as fun and unique photo opportunities for attendees!

Check out more examples of some of IDG’s custom inflatable replicas on our website.

Inflatable Booth Decor

Although a lot of our bespoke Comic-Con inflatables are displayed outside of the convention center, we have also made inflatables that have been used at the booths inside the actual event. 

When there is a sea of hundreds of different company and program booths, it is imperative that you make your booth stand out to grab attendees’ attention and draw them to your booth.  A great way to do this is with bespoke Comic-Con inflatables at your booth.

Bespoke Inflatable Tradeshow Booth Décor Hasbro and Bekyoot
Inflatable Booth Decor at Comic-Con

By utilizing inflatables at your Comic-Con booth you not only make your booth stand out, but you also provide a photo opportunity and a memorable experience for attendees.

Read our blog on more ideas on how to stand out at tradeshows on our website.

Get Started on Your Bespoke Comic-Con Inflatables Today

One of the biggest goals of San Diego Comic-Con is the promotion of television and film programs.  A great way to do this is by giving attendees and visitors the unexpected. 

Inflatable Design Group’s talented team can make virtually any design come to life in the form of giant bespoke Comic-Con inflatables.  Please note that all of our inflatables are made-to-order and production time can take anywhere from 6 to 10+ weeks. 

Email us today at to get started on your bespoke Comic-Con inflatables and receive a free quote.

Check out more examples of inflatables we have created for past Comic-Con’s on our website.