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Why you should buy only from Inflatable Design Group 8

Why you should buy only from Inflatable Design Group

When it comes to custom inflatables it is best to do some research on the important qualities that make an inflatable manufacturer the best of the best.

First, check out the quality!

Inflatable Lion Stage Life in Color

We take pride in every stitch and we use the best quality fabrics available.  Sewing with superior fabrics and thread can be the reason why your inflatables last longer giving you years of use. 

Heavier thread and expert sewing techniques can also help with the durability of an inflatable.

Our materials range from lighter weight 8 oz fabrics to the heavy gauge fabric used in interactive games that are 18 oz. 

Double-needle sewing and reinforcement of stress points are another key component of sewing a quality piece. 

Our sewing professionals have been working with the inflatables for over 25 years, now that’s an experience! 

Next, check out who you are talking to!  

Inflatable Entryways Astroworld and Stormiworld

Don’t you want to hear a real voice on the phone when you are at the beginning stages of the sale? 

We specialize in custom products so it is important to express what you are looking for and what will work best for your company. 

We don’t assembly line thousands of products, we manufacture each and every item from the ground up to your specifications. Your specifications might be color, size, and overall shape. 

Your ideas are important to us and we expect nothing but the best for you.  We are here for you at the beginning and at the end of every sale.

We want to retain your business and your loyalty both with our products and our services time and time again. 

We have a great reputation and we love to see old customers coming back to us! 

What is at stake?

Don’t get stuck with a company that can’t answer your questions or isn’t at the other end of a phone call to help you. 

Cheaper prices don’t always mean a better company. 

Bad quality inflatables can lead to big headaches with repairs or damage to the inflatable, risking your image, your events and your brand.

We don’t want you to waste your time and your money. 

Custom inflatables are a great investment and we want you to work with the best manufacturer in the business! 


Inflatable Stage Set Chris Brown

Check out our website and see the endless companies, sports teams, artists that we have had the pleasure of working with.

Our Inflatable pictures speak louder than words. 


Choose the leader in the industry, always choose INFLATABLE DESIGN GROUP!