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IDG Only Provides the Biggest and the Best Inflatables

The Bigger the Inflatable the Better the Event

Get your name out there with giant inflatables that will turn heads. Our biggest and best inflatables are a game changer and will elevate your event or business to the next level. Reach new heights with Inflatable Design Group as we work with you to create the inflatable of your dreams. In fact, now you can check out all of our larger than life inflatables on our Biggest and Best page. This new addition to our website includes some crazy creations. From fallen giants to scary reptiles, get inspired by the biggest and best that IDG has to offer. 

bestMake Yourself the Best in Town

Just imagine your business’s name blown up for everyone to see! This could be you if you design an inflatable with us. Big inflatables are a great way to increase visibility while also illustrating your brand to the masses. Get creative with colors, logos, and even the shape of your inflatable. Here at IDG, our clients are our top priority which is why we go above and beyond to fulfill customer requests. With a skilled team of craftsmen, everyone will be drawn to your event or business once they see your incredible inflatable. 

bestGo Big Or Go Home with Larger than Life Inflatables

Try something new with Inflatable Design Group. We are your one stop shop for over the top, larger than life inflatable creations. Inflatables are a great way to advertise your brand while still having fun. The possibilities are endless with Inflatable Design Group. Want to see some of our inflatable in action? Then check out our newest webpage, featuring the biggest and the best inflatables IDG has to offer. Interested in growing your presence? Then send us an email to Get started on your inflatable journey today!