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Booster Club fundraising in action with Inflatable Design Group 2

Booster Club fundraising in action with Inflatable Design Group

The Key to Fundraising is here at IDG!

Booster Club fundraising has begun! It is that time of the year when meetings are taking place across the U.S. to decide on what will happen for the 2017 High School Football season.  High school booster clubs are a necessity to help raise money to make it happen!  In our last booster club blog we spoke about getting started with fundraising and some simple steps to begin. So, now we will dive a little deeper into the details of having sponsors work for you.  Sponsors come in all shapes and sizes, from big car dealerships to small local businesses and everyone wants to showcase or advertise their name.

 Effective & Affordable!

Booster club fundraising is all about getting your name out to everyone in the community. Every booster club wants to make a package that will sell itself.  How can your booster club do this?  Showcase businesses on an inflatable with their name or logo and this printed message will be in front of hundreds to thousands of people at every game. Therefore, repeated exposure of their name in lights equals sponsorship money for you and one of kind advertising for them.

Sponsor banners can be placed on any type of inflatable we manufacture. The beauty about sponsor banners is that they can be removable. So, each year when a new sponsor comes along you can advertise a new message and receive more funds for the inflatable or the booster club. Various banners can be made and displayed on inflatables to show off your sponsors and their investments!

Booster Club Fundraising at IDG

Here at Inflatable Design Group we are visual people- ( ha! We like to see our name in lights as well!). We are more than happy to help you with a sketch or concept to show off that local business. Show the whole city your sponsors on a 25’L inflatable tunnel or 15’H Helmet.  Start fundraising today by taking the concept or sketch around to local businesses to show them how it can be a win/win for the booster club and business.  We would like to encourage you get to get started early as the manufacturing process does take time!  We want to manufacture a great investment for your high school/team. Check out the article at showcasing our company so, you’ll know that your inflatable investment can be win for 2017!