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Branded Inflatable Obstacle Courses 2

Branded Inflatable Obstacle Courses

Pump up the crowd with branded inflatable obstacle courses!

Branded inflatable obstacle courses are great for crowd participation! Inflatable Design Group can take your team, school, or logo to the next level and turn it into a one of a kind inflatable.  This inflatable will leave a lasting impression on your fans, students, or clients. We have created so many items that are incredibly amazing; one of our favorites is our branded interactive inflatable games.IDG 45428

These games are ranging up to 35’ long obstacle courses that put your competitiveness to the test. These obstacles have their participant’s line up to race and swerve through barrels, climb to the top and slide down to the bottom and squeeze through inflatable pillars just to mention only a couple of tasks that need to be completed to make it to the finish line to be the winner.IDG 45452

These obstacles are fun from both the participants completing the race and for the people watching from the side lines. People want to be where the action is! Check out all of our interactive games for any sport from football to golf. So, join the fun and create something unique!IDG 45443

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