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Gearing Up for the Big Race! 2

Gearing Up for the Big Race with Branded Inflatables!

Branded Inflatables Part One

Custom inflatables, especially branded inflatables, are extremely popular at marathons and other types of races and events.  Our next series of articles are designed to help event coordinators as well as sponsors and vendors better understand the different types of custom inflatable products available to help make your event more exciting and ensure your message gets noticed.

Let’s take a look at some branded inflatable products that are popular at marathons and races.

Inflatable Archways/Inflatable Entranceways

Branded inflatable archways are ideal for start and finish lines.  Inflatable archways can be branded to your event and designed to include names and logos of key sponsors.  Most event planners order one inflatable archway for the start line and another for the finish line.  Inflatable entranceways can be used to welcome participants and spectators to the event or to designate special areas including grandstands and food booths.

Custom Branded Inflatables

Custom branded inflatables can be designed in any shape or size and are used to help promote sponsors and other businesses.  Some of our most popular custom branded inflatables include inflatable bottles, inflatable cans, inflatable product replicas and inflatable logos. You name it, we can create it!

Inflatable Mascots

Inflatable mascots are fun, entertaining and engaging.  If you have a mascot, then we just need a photo to create a larger than life version of your beloved character.

Our next article will cover more types of custom inflatable products that can be used for marathons and races.

If you are planning a marathon or race in the future, then your friends at Inflatable Design Group can design a series of custom inflatables to help make your event interactive, fun and exciting.  Give us a call to learn more today!