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breast cancer awareness

Breast Cancer Awareness with an Interactive Educational Inflatable

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  According to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, 1 in 8 women in the United States will be diagnosed with breast cancer during their lifetime.  Spread breast cancer awareness with an interactive educational inflatable.

Interactive Educational Inflatables in the Medical Industry

IDG has created interactive educational inflatables for many uses and exhibits across many industries, especially the medical industry. 

Educational inflatables in the medical industry allow people to learn about the human body, various diseases, and illnesses in a unique and interactive way.

interactive educational inflatable of knee walk thru exhibit
Educational Inflatable Exhibit of Knee, the Most Complex Joint in the Human Body

With inflatable exhibits, participants get immersed in an educational experience, allowing them to learn in a unique way.  IDG has created educational inflatables of the human brain, breast, knee, and more.  All serve as interactive exhibits teaching participants about various body parts and illnesses, including cancer.

interactive inflatable colon cancer tunnel
Interactive Inflatable Colon Cancer Tunnel with Labels

Increasing Awareness and Education on Breast Cancer with Inflatables

The World Health Organization has reported that breast cancer is the most common cancer among women worldwide.  Since breast cancer is such a prominent disease around the world, it is important that people are educated about breast cancer, its symptoms, and its early signs. 

Interactive educational inflatables are a great way to educate about breast cancer and help encourage people to get a mammogram, breast cancer screening.  IDG has created an interactive inflatable breast cancer exhibit that allows participants to enter inside the breast and learn about the different parts and what breast cancer does to the human body.  It helps educate medical staff, patients, and students of all ages. 

custom interactive educational inflatable breast cancer
Interactive Educational Inflatable Breast Cancer Tunnel at Breast Cancer Awareness Event

This exhibit is a giant inflatable tunnel shaped like a breast.  Inside the tunnel, the different parts of the breast are labeled, and participants will be able to see an example of breast cancer stages 1 through 4. 

inside breast cancer inflatable tunnel for breast cancer awearness
Inside the Breast Cancer Inflatable Tunnel

Other Interactive Educational Inflatables

Although the most popular use of interactive educational inflatables is in the medical industry, IDG has created educational inflatables for other industries and exhibits.

Another popular use for educational inflatables is to teach students of all ages about animals.  IDG has created many inflatable exhibits of animals that allow hands-on learning about an animal’s inner workings.

coho salmon custom inflatable educational exhibit
Elephant Thoughts Custom Interactive Educational Inflatable – Coho Salmon

For example, IDG’s innovative team worked with a Canadian-based charity, Elephant Thoughts, to create educational inflatables of endangers species.  These custom inflatables traveled around to various museums and exhibits and allowed students to enter inside the animals for a fully immersive learning experience.

endangered animals custom inflatables for learning exhibit
Elephant Thoughts Custom Educational Inflatable Tunnel

Our team has also created inflatable replicas of various species, living and extinct, that have been used for educational exhibits.     

Customize an Educational Inflatable

Interactive educational inflatables are a great, memorable way to teach people of all ages about the human body, illnesses, and anything you can think of.  These larger-than-life exhibits give students a hands-on and fully immersive educational experience that is sure to be remembered.  IDG’s educational inflatable exhibits have been used at events, tradeshows, and museums around the world. 

Get started on designing your custom educational inflatable today.  IDG’s talented and creative team can turn virtually any design into a custom interactive and educational inflatable. 

Give your students the educational experience of a lifetime.  Contact us at to start the design process.

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